The Samwaad makes wave with offbeat initiatives

Simantini Bhatvdekar and Rashmi Samant

The Samwaad is an upcoming youth-run digital media venture founded by Aryan Trivedi, Ankit Anand and Abhinav Verma in May 2020.”

Abhinav Verma

“We saw a very clear void for youth representation in the mainstream media and decided to act towards bringing paradigm change” Aryan Trivedi.

Adding further insight into the vision behind The Samwaad Ankit believes that everyday news can be made more consumable and attractive for Genz by incorporating humour and resorting to light-hearted journalism wherever possible.

Aryan Trivedi

Additionally, Abhinav believes the best way to unleash the potential of the youth is to give them representation on media platforms.

What started as an Instagram page run by three college students has now expanded into a team of 10.

The Samwaad recently launched a live interview series on Instagram, called The Yuva Samwaad.

On 3rd July 2021, Simantini Bhatvadekar, Editor at The Samwaad hosted Rashmi Samant former President-elect Oxford University for the first episode.

The session covered a wide spectrum of issues faced by students of Indian origin, like Hinduphobia, bullying and Rashmi’s personal experience with the same. With an alarming increase in incidents of Hinduphobia by academic faculties, she broke silence on the mental health impact on Hindu students which is conveniently sidelined.

Ankit Anand

Additionally, July marks the Hindu Persecution awareness month, Rashmi addressed the persecution of minorities in India’s neighbouring countries, and how it is underplayed globally and how private individuals can contribute to amplify the voices of those persecuted.

Conclusively she spoke of few ways the youth can bring about a change for the ground reality of neglected Hindus.

The interview is saved as an IGTV on The Samwaad’s Instagram.

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