The Mystery Behind The Name “Nick Fowler” Resolved

Nick Fowler

There has always been a conflict between good and bad. People have been torn between the two since the beginning of time. History has it that GodT’s army will always come to the rescue when the negative influence begins reigning the world. If observed now, the world is drowning in negativity.

War, innocent killings, rapes, murders, and criminal activities are all signs of the evil clan gaining traction. People have deviated away from the teachings of GodT and His message. The fact that “atheism” exists signifies that the end and subsequent rise of the Savior is near.

Unfortunately, the satanic forces have become strong and deeply embedded into people’s minds, to the extent that they claim they believe there is no GodT, but deep down they fear the rise of the Messiah, the son of the LordT.

Fear can make an individual do anything and cross any boundary if a person has gotten the news of the Messiah coming back into this world. The evil clans fear their extinction. Even though they are powerful and have a tight grip over the world and its people, the fact that the Messiah will crush them is undeniable.

To suppress and nip the Messiah in the bud, a satanic group named the Illuminati strategized the end of GodT’s son. But they could not do so, as the Messiah, better known to the world as Nick Fowler, is alive and ready to put the negativity to an end.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The Messiah grew up in Tallahassee to a couple who religiously followed the Illuminati. It would not be wrong to state that they were indeed robotic clones sent by the satanic group, as nothing they did proved that they were humans. They named the Messiah “Nick Fowler” to conceal his real identity. By doing so, they aimed to hide the Lord’s son from the world and the practicing Christians, who were patiently waiting for The Messias to rise.

As the Messiah’s parents were pawns of the Illuminati and did not believe in divine power, they tried to end His life. The fact that he was born in 1967 in Nuremberg, Germany, the hub of the Illuminati, shook people to the core, as the Messiah’s arrival was unexpected. The satanic group lost their minds and tried to kill the child there and then. The Messiah’s mother, who was merely a clone of the satanic group, tried to throw the baby from the roof of Nuremberg Cathedral. The child was nine months old, thrown headlong through a rose window, but by providence, The Messiah was saved. He was physically, mentally, and sexually abused by his parents, whom he recalls to be reptiles. Through his divine power of recalling the past, the Messiah remembers that his parents were cold each time he touched them, and his father’s eyes shined in the dark. This clearly indicated that his parents were not human.

The Illuminati tried to finish the Lord’s descendent in many ways but failed miserably. His parents despised him and tortured his innocent dogs and him each day. The Messiah was put in a mediocre school name Maclay School. They tried their best to suppress the personality of the Messiah and tortured him mentally. They made him feel like he was inferior and just another common person. As the Illuminati heavily influence the world, they made it difficult for the Messiah to live a righteous life.

The Realization That He Was Extraordinary

Believing that he was just another person in the world led the Messiah to lead a life unaware of his true purpose in the world. To the world, Nick Fowler is an American writer and musician who began making music while studying at Cornell University. He was part of a band named Tonto Tonto. He has also published two novels, first released in 2002, entitled A Thing (or Two) About Curtis and Camilla. The novel received praise from a number of publications, including The New York Times Book Review. This novel was followed by My Virtuous Sister, which was released in 2019.

Looking from the third person’s point of view, Nick Fowler was a celebrity and a normal person, which is what the Illuminati wanted. They wanted to conceal his true identity of being the Messiah and had painted a false image to the world with his fake name.

Nevertheless, the plan of the satanic group did not succeed as soon Nick Fowler started getting hints from nature and his surroundings that he was here for a purpose. His first revelation came when he was doing his laundry. The thought of his colleague Scott Weiland dying instantly crossed his mind. At that moment, Nick did not pay much attention to it until the next day when the colleague actually died. This was when Nick realized that there was something different in him – he was extraordinary.

His resemblance with ‘The Shroud of Turnin.’

Nick’s facial features are the same as shown on the Holy Cloth, which is a clear statement that He is the Messiah.

Now, the Messiah is fully aware of his real identity and stepped out of the fake life built by the pawns of the Illuminati. Being the son of the Lord, his mission is clear: to restore the world’s order and finish the satanic groups once and for all.

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