The best casinos in the world

Interesting facts:

At Bellagio – the most unique fountains. They are called “magic dance of water.” Besides the unique technological process, thanks to which the fountains “dance”, to them summed up special lighting from 4 thousand LED bulbs.

First, let’s talk about the most luxurious establishments. The top 3 world casinos include:

1. Bellagio in Las Vegas – whole gambling complex occupies one floor. It houses more than 2 thousand slot machines, 40 poker tables, a separate room for playing blackjack and roulette. Minimum roulette bet – $ 25. You can hit a good jackpot in this casino – from $ 100 thousand up to $ 2 million.

2. MarinaBaySands in Singapore has no similar complex in structure. It

consists of three towers connected from above by the largest open swimming pool in the world. More than $ 8 was spent on the project billion. This architectural creation is included in the top expensive casino buildings. On the

more than 0.5 thousand gaming tables are located on the territory of Marina Bay, 1.6 thousand gaming tables machines. The total area of  the gambling zone is 13 thousand square meters.

3. Venetian, locatedinMacau, is the largest gambling institution of Asia. Its area is more than 50 thousand square meters. In the territory the complex contains Venetian sights, bell towers and the channels on which the gondolas float. The casino is divided into separate rooms. Each of them has its own name. The last names are given in honor of Asian cities.

The secret of the casino game

We will start our review with roulette, because this particular gambling game has been popular for thousands of years. Secrets have shrouded in roulette since its inception. There is still no exact data on how and when it appeared, who was its creator and the first players. Some researchers associate the appearance of roulette with Bernabe Pascal. It is known not only for his mathematical achievements, but also for his scientific works, which prove the existence of God and a parallel world.

There are many rumors about the game of roulette, there are many myths, as well as about the number Devil – 666. Interestingly, the sum of all the values  on the roulette cells is exactly this value.

It is generally accepted that the casino originated in the 19th century, however, according to some sources, its the “prototype” was created back in the distant XII century in China. Then gambling was not yet as popular as they are today, and everyone was playing the only game of entertainment – dominoes. Exactly this type of games is considered to be the first step in the development of the gambling industry entertainment.

How do they attract customers to the casino?

The current owners of gambling establishments are doing everything to keep their customers. Promotions, bonuses, gifts, sweepstakes – operators get more sophisticated by working together with the best marketing companies. In addition to customer rewards, casino owners carefully think over the interior and design of the gambling house.

The vast majority of casinos have no windows or wall clocks inside. Thanks to this, the player, getting into such a place, simply loses track of time and can

spend the night at the roulette table, poker table or slot machine.

Of course, such a protracted game contributes to the fact that customers leave at the casino whole fortunes. And if earlier some establishments could decide on a frank banter over such losers, today they can be rewarded with significant privileges. As, for example, by a frequent guest card or entering into the program customer loyalty.

Why does the casino always win?

In a casino, luck doesn’t matter. Owners of gambling establishments create such conditions for new customers in which they win. Enjoying the taste of victory, they can no longer stop. This is done only to a full-time newcomer today who came tomorrow and left easy money there the same where he took it.

Nobody will like it if the casino customer continues to be profitable. In that I am the casino security service. Track such lucky ones simple: the establishment has CCTV cameras everywhere. They can point blank follow the process of the game of the very lucky one or any other client. Moreover, there are currently cameras equipped with special sensors. They recognize human emotions – from dilated pupils (most often when burst of adrenaline, overexcitation) to an outright bluff (while the forehead is active, glabellar cavity, outer corners of the eyes). So if you have been identified, then at rest it is no longer left.

The casino is built to disorient the customer. You will never come to the casino

and you will not see the cash register right away. In order to exchange currency for chips, you will have to go through almost across the entire game room, full of sparkling lights. More often than not, the client is simply unable to calmly walk to the checkout: he stops, if not in front of each slot, then through one slot machine and eventually tries to play.

Alcohol in the casino

Oxygen is added to alcohol. This is done so that the client does not feel tiredness and drowsiness. This “know-how” began to be applied after in one the person played in the institution for more than a day since then, oxygen in alcohol is a must. Moreover, in the morning oxygen is allowed into the ventilation of the building.

Interior decoration

The floors of any casino are carpeted. This is done so that people passing by did not in any way take the client away from the gameplay. Especially we are talking about the staff, waitresses in heels, who constantly move around the room serving free drinks.

Blacklist of players

There are professional players in every casino. As they appear in a particular institution, they are calculated and included in the black list.

A professional selects a gambling house with the most favorable conditions for himself. First he began playing in small casinos, honing his skills there. After he moves to a larger casino.

Pro players create clue beacons that allow them to win solid money. For example, on the map from the side of the shirt, a mark is made with a fingernail. She can be placed anywhere on the playing sheet and indicates what kind of card it is.

Casino games really hold a lot of secrets. Each gambling house has its own chips, which apply to clients. In turn, guests have their own tricks, like a case involving how to cheat the casino and win real money no deposit required Australia casino. 

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