The Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Kitchen

Summer is finally here, and families across the country are looking for ways to celebrate after a very long winter. There’s no better way to enjoy the outdoors than from the comfort of the backyard, especially if that backyard includes a fully functional outdoor kitchen.

Some homeowners assume that building an outdoor kitchen is an unnecessary expense. While it’s true that outdoor kitchens convey an air of luxury, they’re more affordable than most people think. Read on to find out why a high-quality outdoor kitchen is worth the money.

1. They’re Perfect for Entertaining

Outdoor kitchens offer a perfect space for entertaining guests during the summer months. Hosts and hostesses won’t have to worry about leaving garden-party guests for prolonged periods to cook inside. Instead, they’ll be able to participate fully and even bring family members or friends in on the fun of manning the grill.

Families who plan to use their outdoor kitchens for entertaining should make sure to incorporate plenty of seating. When hiring a kitchen contractor, homeowners should be clear about their intentions for their new outdoor living spaces. That way, they can get the help they need with designing an outdoor space that will be perfect for hosting parties. 

2. They Can Raise Home Values

A well-constructed outdoor kitchen made from durable, weather-resistant materials can boost a home’s property value substantially. While a backyard pool will only increase property values by around seven percent, an outdoor kitchen can provide an ROI of between 100 and 200%.

There’s no need to spend a fortune to take advantage of that boost in property value, either. Just make sure that the kitchen is constructed out of durable, weather-resistant materials and the contractor knows how to get every detail right. From there, reaping the rewards of higher property values is a simple matter of providing ongoing seasonal maintenance until it’s time to sell.

3. Residents and Guests Will Spend More Time Outside

For some people, the promise of plentiful sunshine and warm, beautiful weather is enough to draw them outside all day long. Other people need a little bit more comfort and convenience to find the great outdoors truly enticing, and that’s just fine. 

When families have outdoor kitchens, kids can wear themselves out in the yard while their parents supervise and relax in comfort. Either way, science has proven that fresh air and sunshine can lower anxiety, boost mood, and improve physical health. Planning family get-togethers centered around an outdoor kitchen allows everyone to take advantage of those benefits.

4. Cooking Outside Can Keep Indoor Kitchens Cool

Cooking indoors on a hot day can leave the kitchen, or even the whole home, sweltering hot. It can also leave homeowners facing exorbitantly high home cooling bills. With outdoor kitchens, families can fire up their grills, ovens, or stovetops outside and enjoy the cool breeze while they prepare and cook food. Home chefs will find the situation much more amenable, and the whole family will benefit from more comfortable indoor temperatures when it’s time to pack everything up and head back inside.

5. Outdoor Chefs Can Avoid Unwanted Odors

Some absolutely delicious foods just don’t smell very appetizing while they’re being cooked, and even desirable smells can get overwhelming if they linger inside the kitchen for days. People who enjoy eating fish, mushrooms, onions, and other odorous foods will find that cooking outdoors can prevent a lot of unwanted issues. They can cook their food in peace without worrying about disturbing other family members or leaving behind overwhelming odors that linger for hours after the meal is done.

6. Grilling Makes it Easier to Eat Healthier

Family barbecues may tend to rely on meat as a staple food, but they’re still healthier than the majority of meals. Grilling meat allows the fat to drip off as the meat cooks, and it reduces the need for heavy sauces, oils, and batters. Plus, most families who cook on outdoor grills prepare a good mix of meat, veggies, and fruit, while avoiding the empty calories found in most starches.

Concerned about charred food? While burning food can release potential carcinogens, there are plenty of ways to avoid that problem and make grilling even healthier.

7. Cooking Outside Can Be More Enjoyable

With a well-designed outdoor kitchen, home chefs and party hosts can enjoy cooking more during the summer months. Not only will they not have to deal with oppressive heat in the kitchen, but they’ll also save time running back and forth to the house during parties and family barbecues.

To maximize enjoyment and minimize frustrations, it’s best to install all the appliances, fixtures, and accessories required to cook all the family’s favorite meals right in the outdoor kitchen. For some families, that means a grill, a countertop, and an icebox. For others, a pizza oven, refrigerator, and built-in sink can bring the outdoor cooking experience to the next level.

8. Families Can Save Money on Food

Having a cooking and entertaining area right in the backyard makes it more enjoyable to eat in or prepare food for parties without relying on caterers. The lower cost associated with cooking food at home can help families recoup the expense of installing an outdoor kitchen. Each time a home chef or party planner decides to cook up a delicious meal for everyone on the grill or in the outdoor oven instead of going out to eat at a restaurant or ordering catered meals, it saves everyone some money.

9. Outdoor Kitchens Are Affordable

Building an addition to extend an indoor kitchen costs a small fortune. Installing an outdoor kitchen, on the other hand, is surprisingly affordable. Families can get started for just a few thousand dollars. Buyers on a budget can start out small, then extend their cooking and living spaces over time to get the outdoor living spaces of their dreams.

The Bottom Line High-quality outdoor kitchens are no longer prohibitively expensive, which means more families than ever can purchase pre-designed or customized kits and have them installed on a budget. Given how many amazing benefits there are to cooking, eating, and entertaining outdoors, there’s everything to gain and nothing to lose by jumping on board with the recent outdoor kitchen trend. Just make sure to investigate available options and outdoor kitchen contractors carefully to ensure that the fixtures, appliances, and features will be professionally installed and well-suited to meeting the family’s needs.

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