Suchitoto Travel Guide – Top Attractions and What to Eat

Near Suchitoto

Located 50km (31 miles) north of San Salvador, the fascinating little ‘Suchi’ is the nation’s cultural capital. Every weekend the cobbled streets come alive as Suchi fills with tourists. For the entire month of February, the whole town commemorates its resident artists, and the small galleries swell with local tourists. However, none of this is new; when indigo ruled the marketplace and the wonderful Spanish church was packed daily, Suchitoto was the province’s pride.

Surrounded by the grandeur of nature, this picturesque town offers various activities. The narrow, winding streets and small lanes of suchitoto are ideal for strolling around and taking in all the spectacles of this small city.

How to reach Suchitoto?

There is a regular bus service from San Martín, on the Panamericana to Suchitoto path. To get to the base at San Martín, take any eastern bus from San Salvador or any west-moving bus from San Miguel. The town is tiny. You should be able to cover all attractions on foot.

Top Attractions in Suchitoto

Centro Arte para la Paz

Opened in 2000 CE as an initiative to assist victims of domestic violence, the Centro Arte para la Paz now organizes a variety of social activities from its premises in a friendly, old Dominican convent. There’s a small cafe and museum, a gallery, and even a self-catering dorm with respectable facilities (usually for groups; book ahead). The community life alone makes it a pleasant place to visit.

Indigo Workshop

This center, established to support women in rural communities, presents traditional indigo dyeing displays and can show you how to dye your own sarong, scarf, or T-shirt (US$25). Workshops usually last around one hour. There are also beautiful ready-dyed pieces for sale.

Cascadas Los Tercios

Geologic eccentricity Cascadas Los Tercios tumbles over a wall of incredibly packed hexagonal stone spires. The waterfall underwhelms when water is low, but the rock formation and the journey there are captivating enough. It’s 2km east of the city toward Cinquera, but don’t hike alone as some crimes have been reported; book a trip online.

What to eat in Suchitoto?

Try veggie or fish tacos, quesadillas, and a super burrito while you are in Suchitoto. If you want a real treat try the garlic, gourmet pupusas, and basil, squash, and mushroom, just to mention a few.

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