Spotify to notify users of new releases: Report


(IANS) Swedish music streaming platform Spotify is introducing a feature to notify people when their favourite artists and podcast producers have a new release to check out.

Taking the form of a bell icon at the top of the app’s home interface, the What’s New panel collects new releases from bands, musicians and shows any user follows on the platform, Engadget reported on Monday.

The music streaming platform said the feature will update in real-time, with a blue dot overlaid on top of the bell icon indicating when the panel has been refreshed with new content.

Spotify will roll out the feature to all Android and iOS users over the coming weeks.

A recent report said the music streaming platform is planning an expansion into both virtual and live concert events, potentially enhancing its relationship with artists and adding a new revenue stream for the music streaming platform.

The report said that Spotify would sell tickets to events. The company has already experimented with live virtual concerts, though it is considering a move into in-person events as well.

In the medium term, the actual impact on the company’s bottom line would be minimal.

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