Short Guide for Choosing the Best Restaurant Chairs

If you are a restaurant owner looking to outfit your establishment with the best furniture, one thing you may be concerned about is how to select the best restaurant chair for your customers to sit in. Fortunately, following these six guidelines will assist you in finding the ideal restaurant chair for your establishment.

What Exactly Is A Restaurant Chair?

The majority of restaurant chairs are standard four-legged straight designs that provide customers with short-term seats. The term does not refer to a specific type of chair, but rather to a general reference to a variety of different types of chairs that are commonly used for this function.

Restaurant chairs types

There is no such thing as a “restaurant chair,” which is to say that no one has ever invented a chair specifically designed for use in restaurants. Rather than that, there are numerous types of chairs used in the restaurant industry. These are some examples:

Banquet Chairs – These chairs are lightweight and durable, and they can be stacked or folded.

Side Chair – A simple, functional chair with four straight legs and a straight back.

Captain’s Chair – These chairs are very similar to Side Chairs, with the main difference being the chair arms on the back of the chair. These are typically found at the head of the table in private dining rooms.

The seat and back of the Parsons Chair are covered and padded, making it a more luxurious version of the side chair.

Chair in the Modern/Contemporary Style – Most of the time, these chairs have metal legs and a seat and back made of plastic or bentwood, depending on the style.

Stakeholder/Mission-Achievement – Simple, clean lines are used throughout, with no ornate details or finishing touches. The seatback is typically made of thin wood slats that run vertically and are flanked by thicker wood slats to form a frame.

Ladderback – The back of the chair is defined by wooden slats that run horizontally (like the rungs of a ladder), and the seat is typically made of wicker, though this can vary. Generally speaking, this type of restaurant seating is preferred by country cafes.

Windsor – A traditional English chair that quickly became one of the most popular seating styles in early America. These chairs, which have a bowed back and spindle legs, are also quite popular in country cafes (Cracker Barrel uses chairs like this).

An Illustration of a Ladderback Chair for a Specific Type of Restaurant Chair\sLadderback Chair

They can be made from a variety of materials (wood, metal, plastic, and so on) and can be upholstered or unupholstered depending on their intended use in a restaurant setting. Chairs are, of course, not the only viable options for restaurants. Restaurant suppliers also sell booths in a variety of sizes and sizes.

Evidently, the objective is the same regardless of the kind of restaurant chair used. It is necessary to provide dinner guests with reasonably comfortable, short-term seating. All of these models are successful in achieving their objectives. ​

Acceptable for Use in a Commercial Setting

Let’s face it: not all dining chairs are created equal, and you cannot choose a chair for restaurants based on its use in your home. Instead, you should purchase dining chairs that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Typically, wood and metal combination chairs for fast-casual restaurants are the most cost-effective option, and they typically come with a 12-year warranty. If you want something with more style, opt for a modern chair made of wood or plastic, or for an antique look, bentwood chairs are always a good choice.


Although durability and price are important, it’s important to make sure your restaurants are stylish and fit in with your look. Look for chairs that are the style of your restaurant; for instance, you may wish to have more traditional chairs in a traditionally styled restaurant.


You have to make sure your restaurant chairs are comfortable if you want your clients to be happy to eat in their restaurant. Dining room chairs should have comfortable backs and be of a comfortable size, as well as cushions if diners will be sitting in them for an extended period of time when they visit your establishment, as is the case if you serve full-course meals.

The Appropriate Size

Make certain that your chairs are the appropriate size. They should be large enough so that larger customers can sit comfortably in them, but moderately sized so that they do not take up an excessive amount of floor space.


You don’t want your customers to leave due to the loud and obnoxious noise made by chairs that scrape and scratch along the floor, so look for chairs with gliders; these chairs will be smoother and quieter, as well as helping you avoid damaging your floors.

Simple to Store

Unless your restaurant has an abundance of storage space, you’ll probably want to choose dining chairs that stack easily so they can be tucked away when you’re cleaning or need to store them for another reason. This will help you avoid scratching and scraping your tabletops and will keep your restaurant and storage areas tidy.

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