Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 4th July– 10th July 2021

Love and Relationships

As planetary influences suggest, singles may find it difficult to develop a love relationship of their choice. You may be advised to be objective when it comes to relationships as your partner’s commitment to developing a love relationship with a concerned person of choice may keep you happy. The placement of stars suggests it may not be a suitable period for newlyweds to shape a blossoming love relationship. However, those in the budding stages of romance may spend some cherishing moments with their partner. Trivial family issues may bring discomfort and therefore you may need to exercise patience. You may have a blissful married life as stars predict a registered one!


Primary level students may learn things slowly and have difficulty in memorizing or grasping subjects. The mid-week may need them to work towards doubling their efforts to ensure retention. It may neither be a good phase for higher-level students as they may lack confidence in learning new concepts. Ganesha advises them to get focused and concentrate on studies to achieve their desired goals. If parents understand their child’s strengths and lucky stars then it may help them to plan out things systematically. Taking success to their heads may not help students and they may need to practice humility.


The planetary influences may not spell well on the health front for Scorpio natives in the early part of the week. Therefore, Ganesha advises you to remain more cautious with your health especially if you are addicted to bad vices. Ignorance may bring up issues. However, there may be stress filled moments for some natives who may need to undergo any sort of surgery. Make sure you see an expert on the slightest discomfort. However, timely medical assistance may help you to get relief from the pain in due course of time. Past wounds may relapse for natives who may remain careless with health-related issues.


As per planetary influences, there may be uncertainty on the financial front in the early part of the week. Although, things are likely to start picking up for you from the inception of the week. Property inheritance may be indicated. Nonetheless, solving matters amicably may bring brighter chances for a peaceful settlement. You may incline to cut corners to deviate from unethical practices to push ahead your prospects. Ganesha advises you to refrain from deceitful means to procure more earnings and adhere to basics. The period may be a good one for those investing in organized credit retail. This may enhance your income and social status which may add up to your fortunes.


Businessmen may feel discontented as they may not be able to secure the desired results of their hard work. However, they may be able to get on the right track to earn more while moving in the right direction. The weekend may bring positivity for self-employed natives as well as businessmen as they may find themselves in better conditions. Career oriented professionals may stay motivated to raise their efficiency and productivity. Those working on government projects may finally get a green signal. It may be advisable for you to stay vigilant in all your dealings as it may pave the way for good business fortunes in the future.

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