Possibilities of Alien life

silhouette of woman wearing an alien costume
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Human brain is very curious to know if there exists any other living creature in this universe. Nowadays we see many inter-planetary missions are being conducted all around the globe by different countries by their respective space agencies, all searching for a life supporting planet. Today, we will discuss about how and why extraterrestrial life must be out there. According to modern science data around 70% species on this planet are still undiscovered, that means alien species even exists in our own planet. 

We humans has a carbon based body, we inhale oxygen expires carbon dioxide, intake food to generate energy, excrete nitrogenous waste, form new lives and get aged with time. These are some basic fundamentals you will find every human and most of living creature on this planet follows. There can be different forms of all these basic practices, like some might reproduce sexually while some may be reproducing asexually but the basic aim is to form new lives. So, with this all there are some condition under which we humans can survive like certain temperature, air pressure, water, etc.

Can we say that if a creature doesn’t perform all the above functions, it cannot survive? 

When we look into different planets of our solar system, no planet comes out to be very favorable or life supporting planet. Earth is only very favorable planet for our life. So, we deny the existence of alien life on other planets of our solar system. But, have you ever thought what if the conditions present on respective planets might be favorable conditions for the life present on respective planets?  

Sanatan Dharma scriptures had mentioned about the existence of life in fire which modern science studies have proved that there are certain bacteria those live in such harsh conditions i.e. in fire. Also, existence of life on Sun is mentioned in some old scriptures but present studies of modern science don’t accept it. All that can be concluded by this is, life can even exist in conditions we think are unfavorable for life. So conditions favorable for life are not those which are favorable for our existence.

Let’s try to understand this way, we humans need oxygen for respiration because we respire aerobically, What if alien creature of other planets do anaerobic respiration? What if they have some other element based body instead of a carbon based body? 

In most of the sci-fi movies you might have seen an alien figure with a big sized head, small limbs and grey colored body abducting animals humans of earth by their spacecraft. Have you ever thought where such model of alien came into a human brain? Well, I have a hypothetical theory here for this alien look, which might be correct.

  • We are the aliens from future (a hypothetical theory)

Note: This is an explanation of a Hypothetical theory of mine, which explains; how we are the aliens from future?

Today humans are looking for a habitable planet other than earth for a happy survival of human life, suppose in near future we find one and 25% of human population from earth shifted to that planet.

Today we see humans are using their brain comparatively more than other body organs, and after shifting to some other planet we might be using it much more which can result in increase in size of our skull because of evolution. And due to lesser use of limbs and other body parts they will decrease in size, something similar of what happened to our vestigial organs.

Our vestigial organs like; vermiform appendix, wisdom teeth, etc which were functional in our ancestors but due to non use of these organs they become non functional today in human body. Something similar will happen with our limbs and other body parts they will decrease in size as if they have shrunk and at the same time brain and skull will become bigger in size.

Then, what about abduction of animals and humans why they will come in this time and on this planet to abduct animals and humans? So, the spacecrafts they use are actually not just spacecrafts but they are time machine as well. Thus future we from some other planet with small body and large head come in this time and abduct humans of this present time to conduct some experiments on human body for scientific studies. 

This is just a hypothetical theory for simulation. What do you think about this theory and existence of alien life?

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