Pisces Weekly Horoscope 25th July – 31st July 2021

Love and Relationships

Make sure you plan a small get together with your spouse and family. There may be memorable times as you may include your inlaws in the celebration. Try to spend quality time with your partner. Your spouse may get success in a new project related to a career. Besides, your support and guidance may motivate them to succeed in their endeavors. Married couples in legal battles may undergo stressful moments. The week may bring mixed results as some may move towards a breakup and others may rejuvenate their relationship. Singles may get suitable proposals. Love and romance may bring you and your partner closer as you may enjoy blissful moments.


You may get inclined towards learning occult sciences. If you are a student of research then the week may bring you success. Those in meditation may do well. It may be a period for students to perform well in theoretical examinations. Self-study and analysis may help them to work on projects. Try to take help and guidance from your mentors and mother as it may assist you in going a long way. Students may need to keep away from bad company. Ganesha advises you to do self-study rather than get into arguments while having a group study. This may save your energy and help to focus on learning.


Excess use of electronic gadgets may not only strain your eyes but also disturb your sleep patterns. Be cautious as it may pose health threats. Morning and evening walks may boost and energize you. A healthy diet may raise your immunity levels so make sure you go for it. Enjoy the company of positive people for a healthy mind and good psychological health. Reading books may help to reduce stress levels. Don’t overexert yourself physically. Getting involved in outdoor activities may help to keep health parameters in shape which may be necessary for a strong mind and body.


There may be unplanned expenditure on the family. Financial expenses may rise as there may be a change in your residence. You may get monetary aid from siblings. Short distance traveling may incur some expenditure although you may gain through an increment or get help from your father. Unplanned traveling with friends and siblings may enhance your expenses. You may spend on enrolling for skill enhancement courses. Religious work may incur expenses. Try and clear tax and insurance-related matters during the week. It may not be a suitable time for investments as you may get confused with various options.


You may communicate with your business partner and gain knowledge as well as share experiences. Intuition related to your workplace may be correct so make sure you align yourself with the cosmic energy and positive thoughts to make decisions wisely. Learn to prioritize your work. Refrain from getting into office politics and be cautious while drafting emails or sending texts to colleagues. A sudden business trip may be indicated for the week. The period may not be favorable for major business investments. You may have hectic work schedules. An emotional decision related to your job may lead to some problems during the week.

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