Nightlife in Hong Kong: The only guide you should read


Whenever I’ve traveled to Hong Kong, I always look around and look for some excitement and fun instead of just staying in my hotel and watching TV. During the daytime, I go shopping in some markets and malls for some great buys like bags, clothing, food, and accessories. 

What makes me enjoy my nightlife in Hong Kong are some of the great pubs filled with numerous locals and tourists, and sometimes they have catching promotions. Let’s first know a few things about Hong Kong before we jump to the nightlife.

Hong Kong is one of the two Special Administrative Regions (SAR) of China (Macau). Before transferring sovereignty to China in 1997, Hong Kong had been a British colony for nearly 150 years. As a result, most infrastructure inherits the design and standards of Britain. During the 1950s to 1990s, the city-state developed rapidly, becoming the first of the “Four Asian Tigers” to develop a strong manufacturing base and later a financial sector. Hong Kong is now famous for being a leading financial center in East Asia, with local and some of the most recognized banks from around the world. Hong Kong is also famous for its transition port, transporting a significant volume of exports from China to the rest of the world. With its political and legal independence, Hong Kong is known as the Oriental Pearl with a twist of British influence.

Best Hong Kong Nightlife Experiences

  1. Lan Kwai Fong and SoHo: Soho and Lan Kwai Fong are humming with trendy locals and stylish tourists seeking a fantastic place to hang out at restaurants, trendy bars, drinking dens, and clubs. Both nightlife districts are located in Central Hong Kong and are easily accessible via bus, MRT, and even trams. 
  2. Roof Top Bars: Enjoy some of the most excellent views of Hong Kong’s modern skyline and the South China Sea from the town’s many lounges and rooftop bars. 
  3. Wan Chai: Wan Chai has a more silent nightlife scene than other islands, although it still gets rather wild with grungy parties and late-night. It is an excellent place for singles. 
  4. Temple Street Night Market: Temple Street Night Market gets active from around 7 pm, with row after row of brilliantly lit stalls selling a wonderful variety of affordable goods. This open-air marketplace is where you can find luggage, inexpensive clothes, hardware, watches, and good electronic gadgets. Fortune-tellers gather and do business at the Yau Ma Tei street end. 
  5. Clubbing: Hong Kong is one of the clubbing capitals of the world – while you’ll observe more underground-style, region clubs dotted around the city-state, most of the big names are situated on Hong Kong Island, in and around Lan Kwai Fong. Many of these legally stay open until the early hours, especially at weekends. 

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