My Trekking Experience at Mont Blanc in France: In the heart of the Alps

At 15,774 ft (4810 m), Mont Blanc is the highest summit of Western Europe situated between the Italian and the French Alps, near the town of Courmayeur (Italy) and Chamonix (France). Mont Blanc means White Mountain.

So, this classic trek to the Mont Blanc in France is a balanced introduction to the cultures of the three nations and the Alps. The third one being Switzerland.

Trekking towards the Mont Blanc is strolling through the world’s most popular Alpines routes. It covers the three well-known nations of Italy, France, and Switzerland, all unprecedented in their own appeal. The trek is wonderful, the sights are the best, and the company is good. The route is spattered with grasslands that are filled with gorgeous colorful blossoms, and the views are sensational.

Every stop we made on our trekk to take a look at the valleys, and snow-peaked hills left us gaping with our mouths open. Away from concrete jungles, with only the whisper of the winds and the wonderful chirping of the birds, made the trek even more joyful, and no one ever felt the strenuous walk. Although you do need to be pretty fit to take the tour since the group tries to meet a minimum of 12-18 km (yes) per day.

The trails are well-marked and excellent, making them easy to follow. Some of them even go to exciting areas through cable cars. The trek requires a lot of descents and ascents, and therefore travelers do usually get tired by the end of the day; this is when the savior cable cars come in handy. Along with the gorgeous views and mountains crossed, we also savored the different cuisines and the beautifully spirited wine. The traditional inns served delicious food and select wine, all made in their own unique traditions and style.

Col de la Croix du Bonhomme includes a lengthy ascent trek, and the view from up above down the Valle des Chapleux and converging towards the Bourg St. Maurice is extraordinary. This was on day 3 of our trek, and the pictures that each one took of the landscape were incredible. We were like children showing it off to each other, all excited. Least did we know that the other days were uniformly spectacular, and it only got better.

We could see the Italian part of Mont Blanc; luckily, it was a clear day. If it weren’t, then the entire view would have been covered with heavy fog. On day seven, we trek towards Champex, where the other side was embraced with magnificent pine forests. The air was cool, and the fragrances from the pine forest were really refreshing and heady. We trekked downhill and then uphill, which was a bit over the wonderful Champex village that sparkled with its pristine blue lake.

On the last day, we encountered the best hilly days of the entire trek where we crossed the gorgeous Fenetre d’Arpette. Its high colonies were scenic, and when we reached the pass and stared down, we saw the beautiful Trient Glacier shining like a diamond in the night.

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