Love jihad isn’t an islamophobic conspiracy theory but a well planned romantic chicanery against Hindus

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Love that is considered to be pious, has now unfortunately become a snare of conversions. Love happens beyond caste, age, gender and religion, but now it is just a new jihad for Muslims. Love is being used to woo Hindu girls who are influenced to be secular and too naïve to sense the malicious intentions that are embedded in the minds of Muslims. 

Since this issue has been highlighted by the saffron party and some Hindu organizations, the lobby of so-called intellectuals has been toiling to whitewash this, labelling it as an Islamophobic conspiracy theory. In other words, they are obsessed with a tendency of justifying murders, harassment, and forced conversions of Hindus in the name of love. They purport to be secular and progressive by trying to conceal this truth of love jihad. However, this fact is diaphanous. 

When a Muslim girl marries a Hindu boy, she is destined to have a good married life ahead with respect, love and rights. No conversion is forced on her. No beliefs are imposed on her. Neither she faces any sexual harassment, she just lives a beautiful life. There is ostensibly no risk in her life, except the threat from her own family. As Muslim community is not compliant enough to intertwine with the Hindu community through love. They are vehement to coax Hindu girls and entrap them in love. They brazenly call it love. And they believe that it must be accepted by all. However, when a Muslim girl loves a Hindu boy, they murder the boy like they did to Ankit Sharma in Delhi. 

Love becomes a jihad when a Muslim disguised as Hindu conspires to woo a Hindu girl, and plant love for him in her and makes her deceive her family to marry him.. There are umpteen things happening in India right now. Meanwhile, Love jihad is entrapping Hindu girls by several foul tactics. First, target the ones who are secular and gullible, pretending to be Hindu. And then if she is so easy to be beguiled to marry, marry her and ensure she has angered her family so that after marriage, she won’t have anywhere to run if she doesn’t agree to convert afterward. Second, consummate the marriage and then treat her like a concubine, impregnate her and eventually force her to convert to Islam to stay with the man, or she will be abandoned. If the girl agrees to convert, the mission is completed and later, she is sexually harassed by other family members.  And non compliance simply means rape and murder. This is when secular blindfold is removed and the girls realize their incorrigible blunders. 

Recently, oodles of love jihad cases have been reported mostly in all parts of the country. A news that was very distressing, has convincingly refuted the sophistry of the liberals who called love jihad a conspiracy theory. Two Sikh minor girls were forcefully married to a 60years old Muslim man in Jammu. Surprisingly, no outrage has been seen by feminists who vociferate on instagram. It’s because it is not suitable to their secular feminism. So, all vociferating mouths consumed silence.

When a Hindu girl rebels against her family to marry a Muslim, she certainly digs her own grave because when reality of love jihad flabbergasts her, she finds no clue of how to elude such ordeal she faces when Muslim husband converts her and makes her sleep with others. When she doesn’t comply, she is brutally raped and murdered and thrown out in drains in a suitcase or abandoned. Such cases have shuddered us many times, but still media and political parties deny to accept love jihad, as it is not appropriate for their publicity and vote bank. However, as the Yogi govt brought an ordinance against forced conversions, victims of love jihad got a chance to raise their voices against the Romeo jihadists. 

A couple of days ago, a case has been reported from Agra, where a daughter of a retired IAS officer, who was widow, was slylybamboozled by a Muslim man Aarif who purported to be Aditya in order to woo her for marriage. Things got serious between them, as the woman was a widow, a bit distraught about life. This is what he utilized for his jihad mission. In 2010, they got married and despite living with him for years, she couldn’t get to know about his real identity until he forced her to convert to Islam or she would be deserted. Later, The lady lodged a case against her husband and then Up police has taken cognizance of this. 

As the Yogi govt is not lenient to deal with these people strictly, other cases have been reported too. Another Hindu woman who married a Muslim man who lives in Karnataka, has filed a complaint against him, and exposed the conversion campaign which her husband has been running with his mother. The lady has disclosed the reality of love jihad. She added that at the starting of married life, she was loved, treated respectfully by her husband and mother in law until they found out that she was pregnant with a girl. They demanded 25 lacs from her family to spare her life, the family has given 7 lacs, but still the lady was abandoned by her husband, and he demanded that she must bring at least four girls with her to convert to Islam if she wants to live with him. The lady has given birth to a girl in Lucknow, and is now waiting for justice. 

There are thousands of such cases of Hindu women who were entrapped by Muslims in the name of love, they are now either living a life of a whore or already have been chopped after rape by their so-called lovers. Those who were sane enough to understand this snare of love jihad, have been scorched with acid, or stabbed like the Hindu girl in Meerut who was shot dead by a jilted Muslim boy whom she rejected to marry. This sick mentality which is nurtured in shrines, is undeniably the most dangerous for the society. As these hidden missions of eating Hindu community by attempting to treat Hindu women like sex slaves through love jihad must be thwarted. 

This is the time for Hindus to set some boundaries to prevent secularism from luring Hindu girls to fall into traps like love jihad. For, the love which forces you to leave your religion, which demands you to work for them to convert others, which threatens to abandon you after sexual escapades, is unequivocally a disease.

It’s axiomatic that love is a powerful force, but it doesn’t demand to convert you, suffer and be treated like a concubine. Love jihad is a threat. It is flourishing under the skirt of secularism which we are advised to wear to look liberal, and progressive by media and celebrities who have tied the knots with Muslims and are now annually giving birth to Muslim children. Recently, A Bollywood actor Amir Khan, who is ironically considered to be Mr. Perfectionist divorced her second wife kiren Rao khan after 15 years. He married a Hindu girl, made kids with her who follow Islam. This is secularism. First, marry a Hindu, and make kids Muslim, and then divorce her to woo new one. There is obviously nothing wrong in divorce, nor things like sexual harassment happen with the rich women. However, these interfaith marriages are certainly used to promote love jihad which has already killed thousands of Hindu women who were fobbed off with unrealistic dreams by Muslim lovers. Moreover, love jihad is a well nurtured Islamic chicanery which has its deep roots in religious organizations who are continuously working for conversions. 

New law which yogi govt proposed to stop conversions, and romantic slavery is the only option to eradicate this threat. Love jihad has a romantic death for women. In this 21st century, women should be aware of such threats which are hugely promoted by Bollywood and politicians which is why this is spreading faster and even in small villages, such incidents are happening. Now, For this awareness, a law against love jihad should be the most important part of the society. 

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