Limiting Beliefs in Spirituality

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Photo by Eternal Happiness

Spiritual awakening is a common theme with people. Generally speaking there are two sides to this coin: one side is that there is a spiritual being, called the higher self, located on the “other side” and has a purpose, and a second side is the seemingly lower self, located here on earth, consisting of the body, the mind, faculties, senses and what is generally termed the ego.

To gain a true understanding of the “truth” (and even the “ideal”) it is important to maintain the balance and multi-dimensional perspective of the heart and soul. Balance in life is the key to discovery of “the truth.”

Many people speak about perceiving life from a spiritual or metaphysical perspective, and it has been said that “we are all spiritual beings.” To some of these individuals, it would seem that what is important is always spiritual, and what is not important is always mundane (i.e., paranormal or supernatural). However, no matter what view you take, there will be something in common with all those who deem themselves to be spiritual: that we all seek a higher truth.

What Is Spiritual?

Something to consider first is that everyone has a higher aspect, or soul, already within them. If that is true, then that automatically implies that we are all aspects of God, or that we are all part of a higher power. Spiritual living and thinking, then, implies that we strive to bridge the gap between our mundane, ego-driven selves and our “soul” selves. In other words, we want to eliminate the middle man between ourselves and Spirit.

In more common terms, this is the sort of thinking demonstrated byCommissimonasin the execution of his famous Atlantic crossing. While common people assemblude their minds with the pursuits of everyday life, the sea crossing is an undertaking which demands all the combined mental and physical powers of the two individuals. In this respect, thearnsilvermountain is not the physical obstacle it is the distraction of life itself.

To overcome the mundane difficulties involved in the achievement of one’s daily bread, it is worthwhile to realize that there is a much bigger picture to be concerned with. During times of spiritual pursuit, it is common for individuals to hold the thought in their minds that they are only seeking the mundane, and perhaps only wantsonlythe mundane to the exclusion of the higher things in life. To truly overcome this type of thinking, it is important to begin to develop the ability to think beyond the necessities of life, and seek out and overcome the hindrances which stand in the way of an eroding, non-existent protective wall of “protection.” These common obstacles range from mere physical hindrances to fears ingrained in an individual’s subconscious mind.

Common limiting beliefs include:

  • that a higher power is not possible
  • that a higher power is only for CURE
  • that it is vain to build one’s life on “crutches”
  • that one needs to be ‘blessed’ in order to be truly spiritual
  • that true spiritual thinking is flawed
  • that one needs to be a good person in order to be spiritual
  • that one can’t be spiritual and be evil
  • that one needs to be connected to a higher power in order to be spiritual
  • that it is YOU who decide your fate
  • That fate is decided by the choices you make in your life
  • That your life force energy is determined by your choices
  • That your thoughts are very much like water being formed
  • That you can’t affect how your life unfolds
  • That you can’t make a mistake
  • That one needs to be prepared for life’s challenges
  • That you are divine
  • That you have the ability to create confidence in yourself
  • That you are powerful
  • And that anyone could be spiritual
  • endowed with the divine creative ability

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