Libra Weekly Horoscope 11th July– 17th July 2021

Love and Relationships

Love and romance may be average for the week for libras. Singles may encounter someone special in their life. Although, you may have to wait a little longer to get committed with them so make sure you avoid haste. Married couples may enjoy a good phase of time with their partner. A short trip with loved ones is likely to keep you engaged for the week. The most important aspect of the relationship may be you both spend some quality time together. Those who may have become parents may have a memorable period as they may get emotional seeing the growth of their infants. This progressive phase may bring tears of happiness in their lives.


A good week for students preparing for competitive examinations as it may enable them to prove their skills and knowledge throughout the test. Students who may have worked hard may pass the examinations with flying colors. It may be the time for them to thank their mentors and preceptors who may have guided them. They may be appreciated by parents and friends. Overall Libra natives may score well in academics and thereby truly stand for the values of their sign!


It may be an overall good week for health and well being. Although, you may need to take care of your diet. Allergies may bring itchiness which may need medication at the earliest. Ensure you don’t delay meeting a dermatologist. Nonetheless, you may recover from the ailment within no time. Some natives may contemplate taking massages for body aches. Although, it may not be the right time to go for the therapy as it may make you more susceptible to health problems. Ensure you consult an orthopedic doctor to get to the right kind of treatment.


Money and gains are likely to be incremental this week. It may be an excellent period as your income may rise due to handsome returns from past investments. Although, you may need to emphasize the quality of the investments rather than looking at the possibility of gains. Ganesha cautions you that if you don’t stay serious and pay heed to genuine advice you may wash off hands of your hard-earned money in the long run. It may also be advisable for you to keep fixed amounts of cash to avoid overspending. Ensure you withdraw the needed amount of cash for routine expenses.


Those in family businesses may see a sharp rise in careers. Your involvement in the occupation may bring gains as you may get enthusiastic to shoulder new responsibilities. Despite it, Ganesha advises you to thoroughly understand your role rather than plunging into it. Some natives may suffer from vision problems. Make sure you get serious about certain learning issues. It may be a promising week for investing in cross-holding and expanding business activities. This may enable the chances of engaging and keeping you busy in new activities.

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