Leadership Gone Wrong: The mindset of a dictator

young woman with a megaphone
Photo by Pressmaster on Pexels.com

If your leader is a dictator, there is no room for second-guessing or questioning their decisions. There can only be obeyed without question. They consider those who disagree with them as corrupt, unsavory, or dishonest. A dictator will do whatever he wants to do, whether it is good or bad.

A dictator CEO may make a wrong decision and has that company got into financial trouble, but they will blame somebody else, say the employees, for the failure.

Leaders, by the nature of their job, have a different mindset than regular people. They are much more focused on results than anything else. They are not concerned with the opinions of anyone else. Leaders are obsessed with their vision and their mission. Their main purpose in life is making sure that they achieve that vision.

On the one hand, this leader has total control over the organization. Without that leader, chaos would ensue. This leader is the last line of defense against the whims of those beneath them. So, they can perhaps get dominating at times. However, being insecure and sometimes dominating is not what a dictator is like. Dictators dictate everything, word to word. However, in the long run, the actions of these dictator leaders usually lead to disaster.

It appears that in the chaotic environments of leadership, total power is necessary, but it also often leads to disaster. It is best to keep it as the ultimate bottom line. A leader must be capable of seeing the opportunity for everyone to succeed, but they must also be capable of resisting that which would bring about failure. I hope you will please consider this.

So, it is better for the leader to let go of the complete control over the organization and leave the job up to those talented enough to carry it off.

If you don’t want to be considered a dictator leader, don’t be afraid to delegate work and don’t play the blame game. You will always have the backing and support of your team to move your agenda forward if they trust you and your vision. Could you give them their comfort zone?

So, remember always to hold and carry the mindset of a leader who is not afraid to share their expertise, values, and knowledge. It is one of confidence and hope for everyone else, yet humility for yourself. The right leader is willing to learn from others while continually improving themselves. Remember, growth is a necessary component to success but not by dictating everything.

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