Is Love a Decision or a Feeling?

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Love with strong foundations has a deeper worldview than compatibility, best friends, and love – deeper than feelings. What is unseen in these relationships is the interesting view that their goal isn’t happiness; it’s oneness. The couple knows they are teammates, working together for most or all of the following philosophies: Sharing Happiness, Passion & Zeal.

Marriage is like an artistic collaboration.

Some believe that they are joined together to better each other, but there might be times we are unhappy with our marriage or our spouse, and this doesn’t mean you’re waning in love – happiness is like the ebb and flow of love a tide always changing. The goal of marriage isn’t about being happy all the time because it’s supposed to be more than what brings us temporary feelings; so while we may not feel “happily married” at points throughout life, as long as both parties dedicate themselves to building on one another’s strengths, then your relationship will flourish into something beautiful just waiting for discovery.

If you want to find love, it is important that you are willing and able to decide. If only one partner wants the marriage or if both partners succumb at some point in their lives, they will likely experience less success than those who have decided on staying together until death—even when life’s most challenging moments come knocking down your door.

The willingness of couples can truly define whether or not their marriages survive through hardship because as long as there is an intention behind decisions made within relationships even during difficult times–it has been shown over time that these partnerships were more robust for having done so; however, without this courage & commitment, it would be very easy for people just giving up which could lead them to start new bonds with other individuals.

If you have been in a relationship for years, the chances are that the first few months of your union were some wild love. You had so much in common and thought there would never be any disagreements or arguments between you too. As time progressed, differences emerged; people change with new experiences to add different perspectives on life’s events.

The fact is we all grow up differently but still hold opinions from our pasts which can affect how difficult things may become as two lives intertwine together into one household, building family traditions while trying not to step on each other’s toes by accident!.

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