Intel announces new Xeon W-3300 processors

(IANS) Intel has launched its newest generation Xeon W-3300 processors that is built for advanced workstation professionals.

The company, on Thursday, said that the new processors offer expanded platform capabilities and enterprise-grade security and reliability in a single-socket solution.

“Intel Xeon W-3300 processors are intelligently engineered to push the boundaries of performance, with a new processor core architecture that transforms for what expert workstation users can accomplish on a workstation,” the company said in a statement.

The Intel Xeon W-3300 processors are designed for next-gen professional applications with heavily threaded, input/output-intensive workloads. Use cases stretch across artificial intelligence (AI), architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), and media and entertainment (M&E).

With a new processor core architecture to transform efficiency and advanced technologies to support data integrity, Intel Xeon W-3300 processors are equipped to deliver uncompromising workstation performance, the company said.

Intel Xeon W-3300 processors feature a new processor core architecture representing a new era in performance and efficiency and as compared to the previous generation deliver up to 2.5 times maximum memory capacity support1 and up to 31 percent memory bandwidth increase.

It also offers up to 45 percent faster multi-threaded performance in Cinema 4D workloads and up to 20 percent faster editing and encoding performance in Adobe Premiere Pro workloads.

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