How to remove dark circles caused by mobile phones

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Most people use their cell phones throughout the day and this results in the development of fine lines and circles under the eyes.

In order to avoid these symptoms, it is best to limit your exposure to mobile phone radiation. Avoid using digital devices such as phones, laptops, and digital cameras before bed as well.

This will prevent you from exposing yourself to the harmful rays of cell phones during night time. Avoid reading or watching TV for a long period of time as well. Your eyes need rest to heal and repair themselves.

Rubbing ice around the eyes is effective in reducing the appearance of dark circles. You can also try applying vitamin E or lemon juice directly on your eyes for temporary relief. Use an eye cream or gel that contains Retin-A or Vitamin A. Retin-A has gained much popularity over the past few years because it helps improve the look of your skin, especially under the eyes. If you are prone to dark circles, you may want to consider applying eye cream every now and then to avoid their appearance.

You can also try applying a cold compress. The cold compress should be wrapped in a piece of cloth or a bandage. You can also use ice cubes for about 30 minutes directly on the affected area. Drinking enough water every day can greatly help improve your skin’s health. If you do not drink enough water, the toxins in your body will accumulate in your blood. When this happens, the skin can become vulnerable to dark spots and blemishes.

It is important to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. Avoid smoking or any other activity that will affect your blood circulation. Your skin is highly affected by environmental factors and your exposure to light. You may experience sudden allergic reactions if your eye skin is vulnerable due to mobile phone addiction. You should stop touching the area and immediately consult your doctor. The doctor will give you a prescription eye drops that will relieve your skin from the effects of allergies.

Dark under-eye circles can also be brought about by sleeping poorly. It has been proven that lack of sleep can greatly affect your health and well being. So, do not ignore this problem especially if you frequently contact your mobile phones when sleeping. Always remember, having a healthy lifestyle will help you keep away from problems caused by dark circles.

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