How to DIY Decorate School Supplies

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With a little imagination and creativity, decorating your school supplies can be fun. Like the walls of your bedroom, you want your stuff to show who you are. For example, if you are interested in playing the piano, then you should show that you like music on your school supplies. Like a canvas, you can decorate your school supplies any way you want to show your personality.

Decorating Notebooks and Binders

Use stickers. One of the easiest and best ways of decorating your notebooks, binders, and other school supplies is to use stickers. Head to the craft store or the hobby store and find some stickers that you like, and decorate your notebooks.

Apply the stickers in unusual patterns for a neat effect. Even if you’ve just got a bunch of football stickers, if you make them into the shape of a face, or a peace sign, it might be cool.

 Want to show your creativity? Instead of letting stickers do the work, draw on the notebooks yourself using pencil or marker. Even if the pictures don’t look that great, you’ll personalize your own stuff.

  • You don’t have to draw complicated pictures. Write out song lyrics that you like, or your own name, or funny messages.
  • If you’re not a great drawer, print out some pictures, cut them out, and tape them onto your notebook, then trace around them. It’ll look like you did the drawing yourself!

Use duct tape. One cool and kind of punk rock style for your schools supplies is to put duct tape on everything. Wrap duct tape around the binding of your books, or around the spiral of your notebook. Put strips of duct tape across the cover of your notebook, and write your name on it. Use duct tape in a variety of ways.

  • Duct tape doesn’t have to be gray and boring. You can find pink, yellow, red, and a bunch of other colors of duct tape at the store. Use a variety for a neat effect.

Decorating Other Supplies

Wrap your pencils in decorative tape. Get some glittery, patterned, or decorative tape at the crafts store. Then, take as much tape as you need for your pencil, and then cut it off at the end. Start wrapping from the eraser end of the pencil, so it’s easy to just take off some tape and wrap it back around when you need to sharpen.

Make some pencil toppers.
 Think of pencil toppers like old school finger puppets. Draw or download a pic of the top half of your favorite cartoon, comic book character, or athlete. Make sure it is big enough so that a pencil top can fit inside like a finger would in a finger puppet. It is paper that you will join with tape so it needs to be about 2 1/2 times the pencils width.

  • Color it in with another piece of paper underneath, then cut out your coloured puppet shape. Lay them together and cover front and back in tape. Cut the tape, leaving a little boarder around the character as protection. Slip it over the pencil.

Make some book covers.
 You can use construction paper, wrapping paper, or newspaper with cutouts of characters on them. You can also print out pictures on plain white paper, or draw your own drawings on it. Cut to the size of your book jacket and tape in place, after covering with clear plastic contact paper.

  • Take black paper, or your favorite color of paper, and cut a rectangle in it. Under that, layer a white sheet of paper and draw eyes on it to look like a ninja face. boys will love this.
  • If the girls are into Frozen, make Elsa and Anna and then use Olaf or snowflakes for other things that will be easier to draw. Copy what pics you can and cut up cereal boxes or junk mail for others.
  • If the boys like dinosaurs, remember a green book with one great big eye is easier than the whole animal.

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