How Much Should You Budget for SEO Services?

With internet disruption on the verge, the demand for professional SEO services is growing rapidly. As there are several SEO packages, and options available in the market, it becomes overwhelming to pick the right one. 

How much you should budget for your SEO services is a crucial aspect especially when you are a startup or a small company and just starting out with the services. To clear the air, we will go through how much you should spend on SEO per month or yearly to get optimized ROI throughout the span. 

Before getting into planning a budget for your SEO or signing up for a contract, you need to define certain things as it will make the SEO planning more streamlined. 

Your goal

Before finalizing the budget, you first need to define what your business goal is and expectations that you want to fulfill using the SEO services. Whether you want to generate more traffic, gain more sales, or want to focus on your branding — you need to focus on your goals first. 


SEO is a continuous and evergreen process that takes months or even years to reflect results depending on the complexity. You need to decide what your result timeline looks like. All results can’t speed up however, the SEO services Company can definitely speed up their efforts to get the basics done faster. But, you need to spend extra money on this depending upon the agency you’ve hired. 

Once you decide on these two factors, you can be crystal clear about what exactly you need from the SEO services so that you can pick the right agency.

On this note, let’s have a look at the different pricing models of SEO Reseller and how much you will be paying approximately for each model.

1. SEO packages

The most popular and widely-used SEO model is SEO packages in which you buy pre-fixed SEO services and renew them monthly. You can get these packages from anywhere about $300 to $1500 per month which cover different SEO activities depending on the package you have picked. 

If you are an enterprise website and you’ve just started out then you can opt for a basic SEO package that will cost you around $300 which will cover all the basic aspects of SEO. This package will build a fundamental base for your website and it will also start ranking for certain keywords. This SEO model is best for those businesses who are new to search optimization and don’t have much time to invest in the strategies and doing research for their domain. 

2. Hourly model:

Similar to development, several companies offer their professional SEO services on an hourly basis in which you need to pay for the total number of hours executives worked on your website. The hourly SEO rate varies anywhere from $50 to $150. It is an expensive SEO model if you are not aware of what exactly you need from SEO professionals. 

The hourly model is perfect for businesses that are already doing SEO and want additional services from professionals. In the majority of such cases, the business owner is fully aware of what exactly they want from the company. Based on total work, the working hours and pay rate is decided. 

3. Project-based

Project-based SEO plans are also quite popular among companies in which the business owners need to pay a fixed price based on a single project. These types of work come with a budget of anywhere from $1200 to $5,000 per month. Project-based SEO services are best for those who are looking for higher flexibility and more dedicated attention towards their project.

For individuals who want a faster process in their SEO project execution, it’s the best SEO model for them. As this project brings in more flexibility, users can collaborate with SEO professionals and define a custom SEO strategy for their business. 

Which one should you budget for?

If you are just starting out and you are new to SEO, then you should opt for an SEO package as you don’t need to plan or manage anything about the SEO. Everything will be managed by professionals and they can bring better and quick results to your website.

On the other hand, if you are already doing SEO and want to implement something advanced, then you can go for the hourly rate model. This model can speed up the process and let you plan things ahead faster.

Third, businesses that are looking for a flexible and custom-made plan should opt for the project-based plan in which the price is decided on the scope of the work and the type of result you are expecting from SEO. 

Pick the right model for your SEO that matches your business goals and budget seamlessly. If you are not doing SEO, then it’s high time to get started and thrive online.

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