How did dinosaurs get wiped out of the Earth – Different Theories

silhouette of dinosaur on night sky
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The question “how did dinosaurs get wiped out of the Earth?” has been answered through the years through various theories. The most common theory on how were dinosaurs wiped out of the Earth is the impact of a massive comet or asteroid hitting the Earth and creating massive amounts of debris that blanket the surface of the planet killing off all dinosaurs.

It was possible that these huge pieces of rock and dust would impact near the area of T-T-Raptors where they fed upon the vegetation there and would cause an explosion in the air creating huge holes and columns of smoke as these vaporized. The smoke cloud would carry dinosaur dust back to the surface of the Earth and blanket it in a thin layer of dust that would stay behind. This is one possibility but how could this impact? The asteroid that struck the Earth and created the biggest explosion in Earth’s history also contained carbon dioxide which is also deadly to us.

The other theory on how were dinosaurs wiped out from the Earth is that they were killed by the impact. This could have happened when the asteroid slammed into the planet hitting at a very high speed. Many animals would have been killed instantly and the impact would have thrown up volcanoes too. The huge amount of lava produced would have blocked the view for vision and as a result there would be no way for dinosaurs to escape. In addition, the volcano eruptions could have incinerated much of the vegetation and created droughts in which the animals die. These droughts would have also caused massive ice sheets to build up and cover the landmasses killing many of the animals as well.

Some scientists believe that the dinosaurs could have survived the mass extinction because they were in fact a part of an ecosystem that was very diverse. Within this system there were other kinds of animals and plants. Therefore, dinosaurs were actually part of a diverse network and would have survived even without the impact. Even though they are sadly gone from the Earth’s surface, there are still parts of them that can be seen today.

One theory on how were dinosaurs wiped out from the Earths surface is through a ‘kill off’. This is the rapid death of a large number of them including all dinosaurs. This can happen when a volcano erupts or when an asteroid hits the planet causing giant amounts of debris to be thrust into space which gathers in close orbit around the planet.

The theories on how were dinosaurs removed from the Earths surface state that dinosaurs could have died through a process called ‘asteroid collisions’. This happens when an asteroid or comet collides with the planet Earth resulting in huge amounts of debris being blasted into space. These space debris then combine and sometimes breakup into smaller rocks. When this happens, a collision can send large amounts of water, oxygen and other gases into the atmosphere which can affect the weather on Earth and thus the evolution of dinosaurs.

Another theory on how were dinosaurs wiped out from the Earths surface also has merit. The reason that dinosaurs were wiped out through volcanic activity is because of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere. Sulfur dioxide is produced by volcanoes when they erupt, but it can also be caused by a sudden opening of huge volcanic calderas, which can be hundreds of meters wide.

Another idea on how were dinosaurs wiped out from the Earths surface has to do with the sudden increase of global temperatures. When global temperatures rise, it causes evaporation, which in turn can lead to precipitation. A sudden increase in precipitation can cause the melting of certain vegetation and the drying up of deserts which will result in the death of dinosaurs.

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