Hidden Wonders: Book Review of Thoughts Summer Brings to Mind

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Thoughts Summer Brings to Mind is a short book written by Pamela Taylor. It is filled with pictures and illustrations. The book tells the story of a child who loves to swim. Her thoughts on summers brings to mind a world where she could never go swimming and sunbathing in the sand. It is not just a story, it is an example of what summer brings to mind.

This book talks about all the dangers of what life could be like in the summer. It talks about the different kind of dangers that we are facing as the world grows into maturity. It talks about the fact that we will be living longer and that we must prepare for the retirement stage of life. It also talks about the different kind of dangers that our children will face. It also has illustrations of what summer brings to our lives. The book talks about the importance of letting children understand these things.

As a mother, I find this book very motivating. It motivates me to do something for my daughter. It brings to mind the importance of taking care of your kids and making sure that they are safe. In addition to these things, it brings to my mind the value of each individual human being and the beauty of each person.

The illustrations in this book bring to my mind the different kinds of summer sports and the excitement that they bring to the mind. It brings to my mind the joy of swimming and sunbathing. I also get to remember the times when I have missed bathing due to some sickness. It brings to my mind the memories of when I used to pull a rubber duck from the pool and throw it at my daughter to make her jump. These things and many more that the author reminds us of in this book to keep me motivated and happy about summer.

The main character in this book is a young boy named Aaron. Aaron was once a good swimmer, but he is not anymore. What is more unfortunate is that his mother worries that he will not be able to achieve any kind of success in the swimming pool world. Aaron’s father, on the other hand, tells his mother that he can do anything if he only puts his mind to it. Both of them must put their differences aside and work together for the summer. The book ends with the words, “soak those thoughts.”

This book keeps one focused on the positive things like swimming and making friends. However, it also brings to mind some of the sad things like the death of a parent or losing a pet. However, it makes it possible for us to be optimistic about the future. Aaron’s desire to swim even with no one around is what pushes him forward and to reach his dream.

We have to remember that life is temporary. It is not meant to last forever. Therefore, we have to be open to learning and understand that things will come and go. It is better to prepare for the things that will go away than to try and make it go away. This book brings us to that kind of understanding.

I like this novel because it is realistic while at the same time being inspirational. It is very easy to get caught up in the story. The story is about two kids who are very different, yet they learn to respect each other and have fun doing so. It is interesting to read about something that could actually happen in our lives.

My Rating of Thoughts Summer Brings to Mind: 3.5/5

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