Get Optimal Results: Choose the Best Amazon FBA Prep Service


It is a fact that preparing the inventory for the FBA can be a challenging and frustrating task. You are getting more and more orders, but you have a low stock of goods on the other hand. In such a case, you may not prepare the inventory based on the current demand. 

You may consider hiring a third-party Amazon FBA Prep Service to manage the FBA preparation, but choosing the right one is not that easy, and you will have to consider many factors. As you want to enjoy the best, you need to make sure that you have considered all the things and made the right decision. So, let’s discuss this in detail. 

What Do You Mean By FBA Prep?

When a seller sends the goods to the FBA, it is not like throwing the goods into a box and letting the courier company handle everything. There are many strict rules and instructions that your stock should meet, and then only it will get accepted by the Amazon Fulfilment Center. 

Speaking FBA Prep is a process of getting the goods ready to be approved by Amazon. As per the experts, it will significantly depend on several factors like labeling, packaging, and more. Having a perfect FBA Prep is very important for your business. If there is any mistake, Amazon will not accept the goods, and to get back your goods, you will have to pay. On the other hand, if you send damaged goods to the customers and return the products, it will also affect your metrics, and Amazon may suspend your account. 

Why Should You Outsource The FBA Prep? 

As discussed above, FBA Prep is full of intricate rules, specialized, and can quickly get wrong. However, you can handle the task with an expert by choosing the best Amazon FBA Prep Service provider. They will make sure that the stock you are sending to FBA fulfills Amazon’s rules, and this, in turn, will lower the chances of stock rejection. This will be very helpful for you if you are sending your goods into FBA for the first time. 

Choosing The Best FBA Prep Service Provider

1. Consider the price

You will need to consider the main factor while choosing an Amazon FBA Prep Service provider is the price. Understand whether the Prep service provider charges fees per item or monthly. If the inventory volume is large, then a monthly charge will be a good option for you. Then you should know about their packaging process, whether they charge extra or not. Make sure the cost is manageable for your business. 

2. Take note of the Location

As per the experts, hiring a Prep center located near your shipping station can be a good idea as you will save time and transportation costs. Besides, if something goes wrong, the prep center can send someone as soon as possible to sort out the things. This may not be possible if the Prep center is located 200 miles from the port. 

3. Understand the sales taxes

While sourcing goods from retailers in the United States, you may need to pay the sales tax. But by choosing a Prep center in a state where the sales tax is low, you can save money. You can ship the stock directly to the prep center. 

4. Consider their Storage facility

While choosing an Amazon FBA Prep Service,consider the storage facility. Ensure they have sufficient storage space to store more goods for faster processing and offer insurance on the stock. 

As per the experts, choosing such services, you can run your business smoothly and enjoy better sales.

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