Gemini Weekly Horoscope 11th July– 17th July 2021

Love and Relationships

It may be a pleasant time for natives born under this zodiac sign. The initial and mid-week may bring auspicious results in your love life. Those planning to tie the knot shortly may undergo some stressful moments. The first part of the week may bring you closer to your dear ones. There may be opportunities to enhance your ties with parents and mentors. Married couples may see a progressive phase as harmony may prevail in their marital life. Those in close associations may succeed in taking their relationship to another level. You may expect good news around the week.


The week may enrich you with intelligence as well as technical skills. Students may march towards progress in their academic careers. The first and third parts of the week may bring considerable progress for you. However, you may feel lazy and tense around the other days. It may be an average time. Those aspiring to appear for competitive examinations during this phase may need to move ahead only if they are confident enough as it may only be sheer hard work that may help and not luck! So make sure you don’t go get overconfident with your preparations.


Health may be mediocre for Gemini natives this week. However, you may emphasize on a regular and balanced routine. Students may get inclined towards yoga apart from professional activities. The second and the fourth phases of the week may be more favorable in terms of health as compared to other days. Your immunity levels may run high. However, those who have been precarious about their diet and regular exercise may feel more fit as their general health may shine during the week.


There may be positive indications concerning financial matters. The first and the third part of the week may bring expected results for you as all your efforts may pay off well. Although, the other days of the week may not be so promising. You may feel stretched in money transactions which maybe sort of normal. Nonetheless, you may need to exercise great caution. Ensure you invest in mutual funds if you may be sure of safe returns in the future. This may enable you to mitigate dangers and save you from falling into huge losses.


Gemini natives may enjoy a good week as far as Career is concerned. There may be gains as your hard work may pay off. Besides, you may rise to a higher position in your job status. Businessmen may find the time favorable as they may be able to achieve their set targets. Despite positivity in the initial and the third week of the month, you may find the rest of the days a bit more taxing and stressful. Entrepreneurs may find the time ripe to make investments as they may get rewarding returns.

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