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Several organizations transmit sensitive information which should be covered with a high level of security to avoid errors, leaks, and breaches. This information is handled through a Managed File Transfer which uses FTP servers to transmit the data securely. To find out what an FTP server is, let’s showcase a few areas where it’s in use.

Wholesale Company

This company receives orders and distributes its beverages. The orders are worked on through the night through being ferried by a conveyor belt and packed in trucks. While the drinks are being passed through the conveyor belt, the barcodes are scanned and then stored. A managed file transfer uses the FTP server to transmit this barcode information which can be used to track the goods and do audits. This information is also used to create time stamps and file the names of the particular beverages for the different clients. The guaranteed security of the FTP servers ensures safe and remote administration of the system, which includes the ability to view any logged-in users. An administrator is able to disable any unauthorized logins.

Medical Purposes

Managed File Transfers are used in hospitals which enhances their organization, thus saving time and resources. One of the FTP server features is to give support to multiple users through configured ports and reject any transfers that deem faulty. It enhances workflow, and the system detects any faults immediately, which are worked on as soon as possible, then need for downtime becomes unnecessary.


Some organizations offer help to individuals at risk or seniors and consequently handle their private information. For secure communication, they need to have MFT and email secured through FTP servers to share sensitive information with particular individuals only. This means the servers are able to keep what shouldn’t go out of specific zones inside the organization but still be able to communicate effectively with third parties.

Handling Finances

Due to integration and enhanced authentications such as IBM into an MFT, organizations can do business across continents with more than a million users. Ftp servers can be customized to work with multiple partners who can order and pay for services across the globe. The information reduces the turnaround time taken to approve orders, complete the contract specifications, and give timely updates on the inventory.

Facts on Ftp Servers.

Use alternatives

As businesses store data and have various people accessing it, they need to implement reliable and secure FTP servers. FTP was implemented more than three decades ago, and the security part of it was not adequately enhanced, leaving businesses vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is recommended that any organization using the standard FTP servers disable immediately and replace it with an alternative. Other reliable FTP servers include HTTPS and SFTP.

Well-built Hashing and Encryptions

Solid and reliable ciphers like TDES or AES should be used. Ciphers take the original data, turn it into encryption and transmit it safely. The Hashing verifies the integrity of the information being shared. Outdated ciphers and algorithms like DES and MD5 should be disabled.

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