Cycling in Cyprus: your ultimate guide

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Cyprus is a gorgeous island in the eastern Mediterranean, just south of Turkey. It houses beautiful beaches and mysterious archaeological andhistorical sites.

There are many antiquities and archaeological sites scattered around the Cyprus island, dating from the Early Stone Age through to the Late Roman Empire. Don’t forget to explore Paphos harbor and archeological park while you are in Cyprus. Nearby Aphrodite Rocks can be a wonderful scene for small picnics and family gatherings.

Although Cyprus is well-known for the exuberant party scene of Ayia Napa and its suburbs, there is far more to the region, including big natural forests that are ideal for exploration on foot or, to cover more ground, by bike. So if you are thinking about where to go for your next cycling trip, why not think about heading to the sunny Cyprus island?

While some regions of Cyprus’ coast are urban deserts due to mass tourism, and over-development, there are other graceful and relatively unspoiled and tranquil stretches. If you want to dodge crowds and traffic, steer clear of the more built-up south coast and move towards the north. If you are searching for some gentle on-road cycling, the stretch between Pyrgos and Polis is a treat. Near Polis, the Akamas Peninsula also presents some pretty carefree cycling.

But if you want to know why Cyprus is becoming a cycling capital of Europe, you really have to move towards the inland. Many mountain biking and woodland trails are crisscrossing the diverse landscape of this dense island. There are lovely routes on rough trails with smooth road rides, steep gradients that take you flying through tranquil forests teeming with wildlife, and a whole range of courses that fall somewhere between the two in difficulty.

The Troodos Mountain Massif, Paxos Forest regions, and the Machairas hills are riddled with excellent trails that wind through magnificent vistas and lead you to historic churches , small rural mountain villages, and other medieval sites. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a family taking your time on a soothing eco exploration, there is something in this wonderful place for everyone. There may be snow on the high peaks in winter, but there are cycling paths that you can savor year-round, and unlike most other European cities, there will be few troubles with headwinds.

The Troodos region has many charming routes, but if you are looking to base yourself centrally, then Karvounas is an excellent bet. It is a nexus on the cycling routes in the regions, giving access to trails leading in all six (yes, six) directions.

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