Cancer Weekly Horoscope 4th July– 10th July 2021


Love and Relationships

Love relationships may take a back seat as the mid-week may put up difficult situations while interacting with loved ones. You may be determined to persuade others to agree with you. Ganesha advises you to refrain from compelling others to abide by your words or decisions as it may bring a rift in your relationship during the phase. Nonetheless, the latter part of the week may bring positivity to situations.


A good week for students to contemplate situations while choosing a new area of knowledge to expand their horizon. It may be also a good phase to advance beliefs to increase the vicinity for learning. The period may prepare you for a career move or change of vocation. Although, you may need to get over critical decisions. The latter part of the week may bring some hard situations wherein you may need to put your confidence and discipline at play to attain desired results.


Cancer natives may need to be on the watch as their immune system may get weaker making them prone to ailments during the week. Past issues may crop up causing you some discomfort. It may get necessary for you to work on your habits and switch to a healthier lifestyle to keep illnesses at bay. Healthwise, it may be a discipline demanding week. However, adhering to a proper schedule may help you to overcome all health hazards. Ensure you keep up to this to stay in good physical and mental health.


A week for wealth enhancement as planetary influences may work in your favor. Stars may boost your monetary prospects during the week. However, it may prompt you to take some ambitious decisions for instant gains around mid-week. But make sure you keep away from hasty decision making or wrong judgments as you may end up creating troubles for yourself. Although, the latter part of the week may bring good tidings as you may make quick progress towards a more solid and stable financial status. Ensure you don’t pay heed to only monetary advancements but also emphasize on your commitments.


Career and business professionals may have the stars working in their favor but the initial part of the week may bring some pressure and constraints for them. It may be a testing time for entrepreneurs as they may face hurdles and difficulties. Hence, they may need to be cautious as complex situations may leave them frustrated. However, the latter half of the week may be effective with the positive placement of stars. Nonetheless, you may need to work harder for achieving success in your endeavors. The period may be good for entrepreneurs who may see considerable progress in their important deals and negotiations.

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