Buyer’s Guide: Here’s How To Pick The Best Inverter Battery

When inverters were first introduced in the market, most people were glad to have a light and fan running during power shutdowns. However, as times and technology progressed, so did the performance and capabilities of inverters and their batteries. This advancement in the capabilities of battery now allows you to run even TVs and ACs during power cuts, amazing, isn’t it?

If you are contemplating purchasing a new inverter and a battery or even just a battery, you need to pick the correct one to meet your demands. So, let’s take a look at a guide to selecting the best inverter battery.

Image Source: Luminous 

  • Understand Power Requirements

You can only understand and calculate your power requirements by taking your office or home’s power needs into consideration. You should not go by the requirements of your friends or the requirements listed online. This is because your power needs are different from others. Thus, think and choose the items that you want running during outages and calculate their power consumption. Keep this consumption in mind when selecting the best inverter battery. 

  • Backup Duration

Understanding your backup duration requirement is also important when checking out the best inverter battery for home or office use. A battery is the mainstay of an inverter. The performance of an inverter greatly depends on the battery employed. When examining different inverters, you should ask yourself, “How much backup do I need?” Ascertaining the backup duration comprises two steps. Firstly, evaluate the average duration of power shutdowns in your area to determine backup duration requirement. Secondly, you can check out the capacity of the battery. The capacity of the battery also helps in determining the backup duration and it is expressed in Ampere-hours (Ah). Your power requirements, the backup duration, and the battery voltage can help you decide what battery capacity to opt for. 

  • Warranty Provided

Another critical aspect to focus on when buying the best inverter battery is the warranty period offered. This is something you should not take lightly and you should try selecting an inverter that provides you with a lengthy warranty period. 

There are two types of warranties offered in the case of inverter batteries – flat and pro-rata warranty. A flat warranty is a regular warranty wherein the company will either replace or repair your faulty product. On the other hand, a pro-rata warranty is a partial warranty where only a percentage of the purchase amount will be provided to you. The percentage amount depends on the age of the inverter battery. 

  • Flat, Gel, or Tubular?

You might be wondering what these are. Well, they are the different types of batteries that you can purchase for your inverter. You must recall your requirements when deciding which type of best inverter battery to choose because each type has its set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Flat plate batteries need regular maintenance, tubular batteries require little maintenance, while gel batteries do not need any maintenance. 

When it comes to efficiency and reliability, tubular batters top the list, followed by gel, and flat plate batteries.

In terms of pricing, tubular batteries are the most expensive, but it also offers the greatest benefits. Gel batteries are less expensive than tubular batteries, while flat plate batteries are economical. 

Pick the Best Inverter Battery to Meet Your Requirements

This guide will help you in purchasing the best tubular, flat plate, or gel batteries that can be widely used in office and home applications. You should opt for branded batteries from companies like Luminous since it provides superior quality batteries consistently. The brand sells batteries that are scientifically designed, can withstand long power outages, and have longer lifespans. Furthermore, to be crowned as the best inverter battery, the brand also promises corrosion resistance products, excellent performance, low maintenance, and fast charging. 

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