BTTS Tips: What is BTTS tipping


If you are just a beginner or starting out in the wonderful world of betting then you may be getting thrown by a lot of the jargon. The title of this piece alone could be confusing for you. After all, what does ‘BTTS Tips: What is BTTS tipping?’ really mean? Well, we are just about to find out. 

To break this jargon down into small, nice, digestible segments we are going to firstly need to identify what exactly tipping is and who is best at it. Then we need to have a more specific look at what BTTS means and in what context is it best used. Let’s have a look at both below.


Tipping in the betting world is the sharing of knowledge and research by others on specific bets. Good tipsters will consistently win when it comes to betting and gain a following due to their good ratio when it comes to betting. Often people turn to tipsters and tipping in betting as it can be hard to get consistent winning bets. Places like Footy Accumulators and others on Twitter are present online to give you tips for free and for a charge. The charge could well be worth it with the amount of return you get from winnings. These tips can be especially handy if you are new to betting and want to model some solid bets or if you are in a particularly bad period and looking to get a few wins under your belt. 


For those not in the betting world, they may just see a bunch of letters here and think that something has been misspelled. But BTTS stands for ‘Both Teams to Score’. This is in specific relation to football betting. It essentially means what it says and is a bet that you can place for both teams in the game to score. You can bet both positively and negatively with these bets, meaning you can either call ‘Yes’ to BTTS or ‘No’. Simply put if you wager ‘Yes’ for BTTS, you will need the scoreline of the game to be at least 1-1. If you put ‘No’ you will need at least one team to avoid scoring completely. 

BTTS Tipping

Whilst BTTS betting can be a great addition to a larger acca to boost your odds and multiplier, as a stand alone they tend to have shorter odds and you don’t usually get a big bang for your buck. But when you combine them together you will be sure to extend those odds and if you know what you are doing and have done your research, you can easily return some winnings. Competitive leagues in football mean that when you are selecting the right games you can be sure there will be goals. And if you don’t know how to do this on your own, there’s plenty of resources to help tip you. One of the best spots for tipping is Footy Accumulators. With FA’s BTTS tips you can be confident in your selections, easily combining the tips to get yourself a larger payout and some profit from the bookies.

Bashing the bookies has never been so easy with such handy tips for places online. Tipster services allow even beginners to get great BTTS tips and move up the gambling ladder for some serious profit.

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