BJP working on balancing social equation in Uttar Pradesh


Ahead of next year’s Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, the BJP is working on to balance the social equation in its favour by reaching out to all the castes and communities in the state.

The saffron camp believes that it will clear the air about the false narrative that the BJP is ignoring some communities or favouring some and so social equation will play an important role in next year’s Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls to repeat the party’s 2017 performance.

Apart from some major caste groups, there are many who have influences in different parts of the state.

“There are many sub-castes or communities having influence in few districts like big one having presence across the state. These small groups will be playing a crucial role deciding results in seats of their influence. Every caste and community is important and we are trying to reach them,” a senior Uttar Pradesh BJP leader said.

A party functionary said that the leadership is concerned about the social equation in the state where there has been an allegation that some caste and communities are ignored by the BJP and its government in Uttar Pradesh.

“The BJP government in Uttar Pradesh is working on Prime AMinister Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas’, but our political rival always tries to create a false narrative that a particular caste or community is neglected or ignored in current rule, which is not true. To dispel such false narrative, we are reaching these communities in coming days,” a Uttar Pradesh BJP leader.

As per plan the BJP has decided to give prominence to leaders of these communities and castes in the party, who will reach out to their respective communities.

“Leaders of communities and castes in the party will be asked to start dialogue and establish connections with people to dispel the false narrative and explain that BJP is committed for inclusive growth and never ignored or sidelined anyone,” a party insider said.Another Uttar Pradesh BJP leader claimed that the whole exercise to balance the social equations in the state will be completed in the next couple of months.

It was learnt that central leadership also believes that despite allegations of ignoring some caste groups, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is very popular among many small communities in the state.

A national office bearer said, “Forget major or few big castes, Adityanath is very popular among smaller ones across the state. No other leader from any political opponent can match his popularity.”

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