Aries Weekly Horoscope 4th July – 10th July 2021


Love and Relationships

Married couples engaged in a legal battle may find the week to be challenging. There may be chances of the verdict not coming in your favor. Lack of communication and distance may play the spoilsport in relationships. Messages and phone calls may play a vital role in bringing you and your partner closer. However, your love life may face some ups and downs during the week. So make sure you spend quality time with your partner to fill up the gap. You may visit a holy shrine with your partner. It may be a good period of financial gain for your spouse in their respective careers.


Students may get success in government-related examinations or a reputed company. You may get recognition for your hard work and efforts. A busy week for natives learning new courses. There may be chances for some students to learn new courses which may provide them with multiple career opportunities. Luck may favor them as they may succeed in distance learning courses. Besides, they may go in for short term courses that may help them improve their skills. It may be a good time to not only succeed in examinations but also fair well in projects at hand. Group studying along with some recreational activities may bring success for students. There may be chances of learning a new skill during the week.


Aries natives may suffer from a throat infection during the week. Expecting mothers may need to be careful about their diet and keep in touch with a health instructor. Stars predict you may undergo a stressful phase due to excessive workload which may cause sleeping disorders. Enrolling for yoga classes or joining a gym may be the best option to keep in good shape and form. Skin infections may crop up so make sure you maintain hygiene and sanitation. Follow a healthy diet along with routine exercises to cope up with any health challenges that may come your way during the week.


Aries you may need to plan effectively to make financial gains for the week. Although, you may see a rise in your savings. Students involved in sports may incur expenses related to their sports activities. There may be an expenditure on legal matters related to property. Ganesha advises businessmen to refrain from making hasty decisions related to tax planning or financial investments for a new business. Health issues may also consume a part of your earnings during the week. You may make financial gains while traveling for job-related purposes. A foreign trip or long-distance travel may bring a rise in your expenses. You may spend on changing your home interiors and also enrolling for a new course during the week.


Professionals may need to get ready for unplanned traveling related to their job. Getting emotionally attached in professional matters may put up challenging situations for you in the first phase of the week. It may be a favorable time for businessmen to get success in a new business deal. Those in the family business may make sudden financial gains. You may get government aid for establishing your business in your home town. Natives involved in vocations like communication or freelancing may receive some good news around the week.

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