Aries Weekly Horoscope 25th July– 31st July 2021


Love and Relationships

Love and relationships may bring mixed results for Aries natives. Married couples may need to keep away from suspicion and jealousy. Avoid arguments and learn to be flexible with your spouse. Moods may make you take your partner for granted so avoid getting into this feeling. A good proposal from the native place awaits singles for the week. Marital relationships may face heat due to overstress. Make sure you please your partner with gifts and some quality time to bridge the distance in the relationship and rekindle love.


Some students may get inclined to learn occult sciences. Those looking out for admissions in research related institutions may succeed. However, stress and negative thinking may divert your attention. Students opting for higher courses may get admissions. Following your mother’s guidance and suggestions as it may help you during the week. Light exercises and meditation may attract you as you intend to improve your health status during this phase. A good week for students aspiring to get into studies related to religion and spiritualism. Sports interested natives may get an opportunity to travel overseas. Those appearing for competitive examinations may get success.


The week cautions you to get more health-conscious and try to keep up with a healthy diet. Some of you may experience pain in legs or nerve-related issues. Therefore, Ganesha advises you to refrain from heavy exercises. If you are planning a long trip don’t forget to carry a safety kit along. Shun off negative thoughts as they may bring stress. Over-analysis and lonely living may not be suitable for good health. Avoid eating junk food or cold beverages. Excessive workload and traveling may bring tiredness and fatigue around the week. Keep away from the use of electronic gadgets as it may disturb your sleep patterns.


A tough time for those in business as gains may not come easily so make sure you refrain from taking major decisions during the week. Ego clashes with business partners may worsen situations that may lead to losses. Avoid decisions related to family-related property as disputes may arise. Emphasize on savings and curb extravagance. Tax or legal matters may consume most of your income during the week. Avoid lending or borrowing money from unknown persons. Government-related work may incur expenditure.


An excellent week for entrepreneurs as an overseas deal may bring gains. Although you may need to refrain from legal matters. Unexpected losses or expected gains may not come easily so avoid major decision making. Sudden disagreements or ego clashes with business partners may be indicated which may lead to losses. Those in careers related to communication or media may shine during the period. Unplanned traveling for job purposes may be indicated. A sudden job proposal may bring financial gains or increment on the professional front.

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