Are CBSE Board Exams Beneficial for Students?

Board Examination – A term often used by parents and teachers to create a certain pressure on the students so that they concentrate on their studies. Have you ever wondered why this happens?  Is it really necessary? Are CBSE Board exams really important? Well! Let us understand the importance of these examinations.

Why are CBSE Board Examination important for students?

Examinations are useful in assessing the knowledge of the children. Teachers get an idea of how much the students have understood and where they are lacking. Based on the marks of the previous examination and analysing the performance, teachers are able to identify the areas where the child needs to improve. Normally, in-house examinations are held in schools till class IX. The students are assessed by their own teachers and because of the No-detention policy till class VIII, students sometimes become a little casual in their approach. Apart from these, kids also need to depend upon ncert solutions for class 8 maths to score well.

  • The Board Examination is the first external competition that a student faces. The question papers are set by unknown teachers under a set pattern. A common syllabus is followed in all schools affiliated to CBSE. Unlike in junior classes where the teachers may skip certain topics, the syllabus prescribed by the board has to be stringently followed. The answer sheets are checked by maintaining complete secrecy to ensure fair results. According to experts of industry like Cuemath is another vital decision to be made by kids and parents.
  • Board examinations play an important role in deciding the future of the students. Streams are allotted on the basis of marks obtained in the Board examination of Class X. Schools decide their cut off and allot science, Commerce and Humanities streams on the basis of Class X performance.  The importance of Board examination underlies the fact that marks obtained in these exams are a crucial factor in deciding the professional career of the students.
  • CBSE Board examination marks carry a significant amount of weightage in all competitive examinations that the student appears for. It is therefore all the more important to fare well in these exams as they are taken into account during the admission process of all good universities.
  • Students learn to handle extra pressure while preparing for examinations. They learn various techniques like yoga, meditation and regular exercise to remain calm under pressure. They become ready to face any kind of adverse situation they may come across in the future. Getting admission in a prestigious college is even more stressful and board exams give them a fair idea of how to face such situations in future.
  • Board examination is a completely new experience for the students, and they cherish these memories throughout their life. The goosebumps they had the very first day, going to a new school, facing new invigilators and giving examinations with students at other schools under very strict eyes of the CBSE officials as well as teachers is something that they never forget.

Parents and teachers have a lot of expectations from the children. Students may feel overwhelmed by the amount of stress as the Board examination comes near. It has been observed that parents also face anxiety issues when their ward is appearing for the Board examination. Some of them even resort to counselling services to do away with the anxiety. They pass on this feeling of anxiety to their ward, adversely affecting their performance. Ideally, parents and teachers should hold counselling sessions from time to time to eliminate any fear of Board examination. They should understand the importance of Board exams and start regular studies from the beginning of the academic year to enhance their performance. Studying diligently from day one will help alienate any fear of Board examination and improve their scores drastically.

Students are somewhat sheltered by the comfortable environment of their school in their formative years. They have a very good idea about the type of questions a teacher may ask in the examination and study accordingly. They can easily ask the teacher to show the answer sheet in case they have any query. Board examination does not allow these privileges and hence shows an accurate performance analysis. Hence, Board exams are very important in a student’s life.

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