Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 18th July– 24th July 2021

Love and Relationships

Love and relationships may take a new turn. However, with some challenges coming along the way you may need to commit and give space to your partner to maintain a harmonious relationship. Stars predict you may get a proposal from a friend but refrain from hasty decision making. Take your time to explore each other’s personality for a solid association. Avoid getting too aggressive or demanding. Moreover, love life may give you some stress so stop doubting your partner over petty things.


Ignorance may bring stressful moments for students. You may not expect success in an interview without hard work. Siblings and friends may help you in your career. Those pursuing higher education may get success during the week. You may get help and guidance from friends and mentors. An old friend may get in touch with you during the phase. Your father may help you to gain success in your study course. Distance learning courses may turn fruitful. There may be an inclination to learn about spiritualism which may help to gain a new vision to see life and make it more successful and full of abundance.


Excessive workload may drain out your energies which may adversely affect your health in the upcoming week. With challenging transit of planets you may face some stomach disorders. Meditation may help you get relief from increased stress levels. Some natives may face some discomfort due to joint pains. Make sure you remain careful while driving a vehicle as there may be chances of mishaps. Don’t skip your routine checkups. Avoid becoming a workaholic and refrain from taking too much stress. Teeth and eye-related problems may be indicated around this time. Excessive tasks may make you feel tired during the week.


Plan your expenditure and savings for the week. You may face challenges related to unplanned traveling and expenditure. There may be financial gains related to property-related matters. With the transit of the Moon, you may get financial aid from your father. Besides, guidance from your mother may also help you to make considerable business gains. You may accumulate enough savings during the phase. Property related matters may bring a rise in your monetary status. Some health-related expenses may also be foreseen. Ensure you plan out your income and expenses. Spending on gifts and religious activities may be predicted for the week.


Siblings and friends may help you gain success in your career. A practical approach may help you soar to heights. Long-distance planning may be indicated for the week. There may be chances of an overseas job. Relationships with business partners may be challenging. So try and refrain from arguments that may bring financial losses. Take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy good health. An increment in the job may be indicated. You may adopt a philosophical approach and attitude at the workplace. Seniors may come to your aid. A research-related project may give your career a boost. New assignments may increase your workload and give you stress during the week.

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