Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 11th July– 17th July 2021

Love and Relationships

With the transit of Mars, you may face challenges in your marital life. Ganesha advises you to refrain from making decisions related to marriage. Miscommunication may be the reason for rifts in the alliance. Try to fulfill your promises and spend time with your spouse to get over differences. This may help you to bring about some positive changes in the relationship. However, the period may increase emotional attachment if you are into a long-distance relationship. It may be a sensitive period as you may yearn for your partner’s presence. This may bring an intense desire to spend some good time together. Make sure when you are with your spouse you communicate healthily and spend cherishing moments together.


Students pursuing medicine may succeed. Refrain from getting too emotional as it may bring negativity. Those in higher education may gain success in studies and project work. You may succeed in gaining admissions in long-distance learning courses. Keep away from aggression to end up making the wrong decisions. Self-studying may be a better option than group studying. Make sure you give time to your studies to gain desired results. Negative thinking and over-analysis may bring moments of depression. The right time to improve your study pattern through smart analysis. Seek the help of a mentor and your mother to utilize the cosmic energy of planets in the transit during the week.


Health problems may arise as dehydration and stress may overtake. Ensure you take sufficient amounts of water and citrus fruits. Some eye complications may give you discomfort around the week. Get a proper check up done and follow a healthy diet chart for the same. Moments of aggression may give rise to health issues as stress and mental agitation may rise. Keep away from arguments and gossip. Meditation may help to control stress levels. Excessive use of electronic gadgets may need to be avoided. Mental strains may give way to aggression due to heavy workloads.


Expenses related to traveling may increase. Spending on pilgrimage or shopping may pinch your pocket and may imbalance your budget. Some natives may spend on crash courses related to occult sciences, tarot card reading, or healing. Ensure your tax-related documents are in place to avoid any sort of legal hassles. You may plan to spend on self-grooming during the period. Although there may be expenses related to traveling it may give you self-satisfaction. Avoid any major deals related to property investment. Try and refrain from arguments with a business partner. The week may bring you some financial help or gain from your spouse.


Businessmen may face relationship challenges with a partner. Besides past relationship problems may also manifest during this time. It may not be a favorable time to make any changes in a business plan. The week indicates you may travel overseas for work purposes. Past investments may bring good fortune for businessmen. You may interact with several people on the work front. New responsibilities may be assigned to you. Your seniors may get impressed by your innovative thinking. Short term travels may be foreseen. Avoid arguments and refrain from office politics as it may adversely affect your health. An unknown fear may engulf during the phase. Unplanned traveling may be predicted for the week.

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