A guide to hosting an online birthday party

pink flower cake
Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

Your birthday is your special day, your opportunity to feel special and to celebrate and have fun with your friends and family. However, with the coronavirus still being a problem, you might understandably be unsure about going out to a bar or restaurant to celebrate. Furthermore, the pandemic may have given you the opportunity to develop closer bonds with friends and family living further afield, or to create new online friendships with people from around the world, with whom you want to celebrate. The solution therefore is to host your party online. Read on for a guide to hosting a virtual birthday party.

Invite guests

The great thing about hosting a virtual birthday party is that you are not limited to the number of guests you can invite. You can also invite people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend an in-person event due to distance and time constraints. One consideration you might want to make is deciding on a time that suits most people, if some of your guests are joining from different time zones. Send your guests a fun e-invitation, then update them with a link to the Zoom a day or two before the event. You might want to prime your guests beforehand in case your invitation gets redirected to their junk mail folder.

Decide on entertainment

You might like to give your online party some direction by organizing entertainment. For instance, you could play some fun party games together online, like Pictionary or charades. You and your friends could also indulge your tastebuds by having an online chocolate tasting event. All attendees will be sent a box of chocolates before the event and a chocolate expert will guide you through the different flavor notes experienced in each tasting – just make sure that you save your box for the event itself! Visit dallmannconfections.com for more information about online chocolate tasting events. 


A party isn’t a party without fun decorations. Adding a few streamers and balloons can also help to distinguish this Zoom meeting as a special event different from your usual weekly catch up. You could even decide to spice up your Zoom background by using a birthday background image for your party. Get your friends involved by mailing them a small party bag containing party hats, streamers and balloons so that they can get into the celebratory spirit. 

Don’t forget the cake!

You might think that having a virtual party means that you have to come to terms with foregoing a birthday cake; however, there are ways that you can have this party essential even when hosting an online event. For example, instead of a single large cake, you could buy a set of birthday themed cupcakes from a local bakery and send those to your guests, along with a candle, so that you can still sing happy birthday and everyone has a candle to blow out and a delicious cupcake to enjoy together. 

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