5 Offbeat ways to Quit Smoking

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This is the age-old question that is asked by all people irrespective of their social status or background. Smoking has been associated with so many things such as sleep deprivation, loss of sex life (yup!), judgements, and health issues. So if you are looking for how to stop smoking, there are some ways to do it. Some have tried the traditional way of quitting by taking in nicotine-containing products like gum, patches, and sprays but they ultimately fail to give a satisfying result.

One of the best ways to quit is through exercises and yoga. It will help you in regaining control of your mind and the body which in turn will reduce the craving for cigarettes. Moreover, yoga will help you in reducing the nicotine withdrawal symptoms and in gaining control over your breathing.

In order to perform yoga exercises, you will need to have a quiet and peaceful environment. For this purpose, you can opt for a room that does not have bright lights or any distracting noise.

Usually, people tend to smoke a number of cigarettes daily in order to deal with stress, tension, and even to relax. However, there is no point in doing this as it can add more problems to your life. The best way to quit is to understand the harm that tobacco has on your body. Once you understand this, you can easily quit and you will not experience all the health problems that tobacco has caused.

Today we will explore five offbeat and unusual ways you can employ to quit smoking (these steps have worked for others!)

  1. Get a glass of water when the cravings hit: By the time you go to the kitchen, poured water and drank it, the peak of the craving would pass away.
  2. Find yourself an interesting hobby: Some ex-smokers swear by replacing smoking with another activity. Maybe cycling, or running, or maybe a new skincare routine could help you reduce your dependency on cigarettes. Why? Because most smokers smoke because they’re bored.
  3. Add humor: If you’re the kind of regular-quitter, who always end up failing because you forget not to take a cigarette from a friend who is offering or not to purchase them on your way house from work, try wearing a hilarious sign. Like‘Please Send Home to Mother’ or ‘Kick Me.’
  4. Take a Quick Shower: If you are really dying for a cigarette, take a cold water shower – there will be no trigger under the cold water, as it’s not possible to smoke in the shower (No, I am not challenging you).
  5. Make it hard for yourself: Wrap up your tobacco tin or cigarette pack in different tape layers. This makes getting to your love very difficult, but not impossible. Making it hard will reduce your dependency on those adorable sticks.

Do you want to stop smoking? Your answer will determine whether you succeed or fail. There are many factors that you should consider when you want to kick the habit. These include the money that you will spend on purchasing cigarettes along with the health benefits and the social benefits that you will enjoy once you stop. So, just take a quick decision and make your mind up on what you want.

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