30 kg Explosive defused by security forces in Jammu & Kashmir

A major tragedy was averted when the security forces recovered a 30 kg improvised explosive device (IED) in J&K’s Srinagar district, police said on Tuesday.

Police sources said, “A major terror attack was averted by security forces as a 30 kg IED was detected close to Tangpura Bandh at the outskirts of Srinagar late yesterday evening.

“The timely recovery thwarted the nefarious design of terrorists and their few supporters to destabilize the security situation in the Valley.

“Based on the credible input of the Army, the search operation was launched by 24 RR and local police which led to the recovery of 30 kg of IED 700 metres away from the highway.

“The IED was safely destroyed in situ by the Army Bomb Squad today morning. Search operation in Tangpura is in progress,” sources said.

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