Why Yoga Is Perfect If You Have Diabetes

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You know that exercise is important for dropping excess pounds and maintaining blood sugar. What you may not really know is that yoga, an Indian form of exercise that’s experiencing a renaissance, is ideal for treating type 2 and type 1 diabetes. While many older folks may feel yoga is for new-age hippies, a list of yoga’s benefits for people with diabetes often transforms their minds.

Why Yoga Is the Best If You Have Diabetes?

Yoga has several advantages that other forms of exercise don’t:

It Works Fast: Don’t want to delay the benefits of exercise and the Importance of Yoga to kick in? With yoga, you really don’t have to. Studies show that just fifteen days of yoga impact blood sugar levels.

Lose Weight: There’s no doubt that losing weight should be priority number one for treating and reversing your diabetes.

Although research is contrary, it appears that practicing yoga daily can help people lose weight. Certain forms of yoga, particularly “power” hatha yoga, are head-to-toe calorie-torching workouts.

Accessible: If you can’t watch your toes, never mind touch them; the idea of exercising can feel a bit overwhelming. What’s great about yoga is that anyone can do it. Modified practices for diabetics are pretty common nowadays.

Because you won’t be running beyond your fitness level, the chance of suffering from an injury is significantly reduced.

Lowers Stress: Mental stress increases stress hormone levels in your body and raises blood pressure, both of which cause type 2 diabetes harder to manage. Research after research shows that yoga is a fabulous stress-reducer. Yoga gives you time to explore yourself and allows you to focus on nothing but your movement and breathing. It helps you spend time with yourself, your body, soul, and mind. This is extremely important if you want to fight slow poisons.

The result of doing yoga to reduce stress? It melts away tension, gives you time to relax, and you can see a noticeable reduction in stress. 

Helps The Entire Body: While a prescription-only treats diabetes, yoga serves the health of your entire body. A study published that investigated the effects of yoga on diabetes noticed that after just one week of yoga: “Fasting plasma glucose, total serum cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, the ratio of total cholesterol to high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, and total triglycerides were lower, and HDL cholesterol significantly higher, on the last day of the course compared to the first day of the course.”

In other words, the whole body got a tune-up.

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