What Types of Love Do You Face in Life?

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Love is the most addictive thing for human beings, and it should not come as any surprise at all that we can never get enough of it. Our brain releases special hormones called endorphins that make us feel incredibly happy, joyful, and excited. That feeling of euphoria and other several positive feelings are so overwhelming that we never want them to end. One exciting way by which one can experience love is by exchanging and receiving gifts. Knowing that you are special enough to receive a gift from your beloved is a feeling like no other. 

We often think that love happens only between partners in romantic relationships but that is not the fact. Human beings have been known to experience at least eight kinds of love in different relationships, like romantic spouses, family members, friends, or even total strangers. Comprehend the kind of love you experience and the factors behind it. These types of love seen in human relationships will be outlined in the sections below: 

1. Affectionate Love – Philia 

Philia is the kind of love that does not have a romantic side and it happens between companions and relatives. It is seen when people have the same set of values and respect one another a lot. 

2. Enduring Love – Pragma

This is a unique kind of love that matures with time like fine wine. It is a long-lasting love between lovers who have decided to put their best into making their relationship work. Dedication and commitment are needed to achieve this level of pragma. Rather than falling in love in this instance, the lovers choose to stand in love that lasts a lifetime. 

3. Familiar Love – Storge 

This is the natural form of love as seen in parents and their offspring, and the same with best of friends. It is an endless form of love that is based on intense emotional connection and acceptance. This form of love appears easily in parents and children. 

4. Romantic Love – Eros

This is a primal love that occurs naturally for many people, it is the most passionate form of love as expressed via physical affection. This involves different kinds of romantic behaviors like hugging, kissing, holding hands, and others. It is a kind of love that includes a desire for the physical body of another person. 

5. Playful Love – Ludus

This is a flirtatious and child-like love that is seen at the initial stages of relationships and that explains why it is called the honeymoon phase. This kind of love is made up of laughter, fun session, teasing, and all kinds of playing between the two individuals involved. Even though it is more frequent in young couples, the much older couples also attempt to have this kind of love as everyone wants to enjoy a very fruitful relationship. 

6. Obsessive Love – Mania

This is an obsessive form of love for a partner. It can lead to extreme possessiveness or unnecessary jealousy. Many cases of obsessive love are featuring an imbalance of affection and love between the partners. It is this imbalance that leads to mania and to avoid this kind of love based on obsession, one needs to have a healthy proportion of romantic and playful love. 

7. Self-Love – Philautia

This is a kind of healthy love where you recognize the fact you have self-worth and you do not ignore your leads. Self-love comes with knowing all your responsibilities regarding your well-being.

8. Selfless Love – Agape 

This is correctly defined as the highest form of love that can be offered. It is the form of love that is given without having any expectation of a reward or getting anything in exchange. Agape love is also offered in all kinds of conditions, even when there is an obvious danger. 

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