Virgo Weekly Horoscope 13th – 19th June 2021


Love and Relationships

The first two days of the week will prove to be excellent for matters pertaining to your relationship equations and love. You will witness a great joy, bliss and a feeling of belonging with your partner during this period. There is a distinct possibility of having a romantic outing, a visit to a garden, restaurant or a movie with your partner during this time. Every moment that you spend with your partner will be absolutely enchanting. This is not a good time for singles to propose their love to their beloved. There is a possibility of their proposal being rejected if they do so. Be patient!


This week may give you some good opportunities to enhance your latent skills and make progress in your studies. Now is the time to look for higher growth and acquire skills. Your performance is likely to remain good but, you may also face some pressure as the week progresses. There may be some emotional ups and downs and that might affect your concentration levels but, eventually, this week may bring good results due to your hard work. This can be a week of hope and opportunities for your studies and higher education. Do not waste any opportunity and grab them at the right time.


You are likely to feel fresh and energetic during this week. Your energy level may remain good. But, you may feel somewhat lazy and tend to ignore your health. You must pay proper attention and try to build your stamina as you have good planetary support this week. Your eating habits need to be taken care of as there are chances of some digestive problems around the mid of this week. Due to some social or professional commitments, you may not be able to spend enough time for your fitness. Still, some discipline and good habits may help you to remain healthy.


This week may give rise to a strong urge to execute your plans and accomplish your goals. You may be prompted to change your line of thought and adopt a new strategy to make things work as per your expectation. However, this also indicates some delays and difficulties to achieve your financial goal. So, think well, and if need be, consult an expert or well-wisher, before making a major move. At times, you may be inclined to compromise with your principles to strengthen your position financially. Though take care not to step on the wrong side of the matter while pursuing your interests.


At the beginning of this week, troubles may zoom if you take a hasty or abrupt route to achieve your goals. Don’t take anything to your heart. Relief may come from midweek onwards. There may be challenges at your workplace, but at least, the pressure to perform and looming confusions are likely to ease. In business, you are likely to be busy and may try to soar over routine hurdles too. They may not have much time to think ahead. Delegate work to efficient persons to ensure you have enough time to plan things in a better way. The latter part of the week seems supportive for commencing some development activities

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