Only a few minorities of women in Australia are completely aware that they are wearing the wrong bra size. Here’s a quick scientific fact, every woman’s bra size changes over time. Taking measurements every year using the right bra size calculator can help prevent buying lingerie that may be too tight or too loose, adding unnecessary discomfort. With the Australian lingerie industry estimated to have a significant growth in the coming years, more women are expected to buy innerwear.

Statistically speaking, 80 per cent of them probably will get the size of the bra wrong. But oddly enough, many of them don’t even acknowledge the fact that they are wearing the wrong measurements. How does one identify whether the measurements are right or wrong? Take a look at these common signs that the bra measurements are not suitable for the breast size:

Check The Back Band: If the band at the back of the bra rides up every time, this is an indication that the bra is too big. The majority of the support that comes from a bra rests in the back band. If the bra is too big, then owing to the weight, the back band gets pulled up and will be uncomfortable during normal wear. The reason the fit of the back band is very important owes to the fact that it determines how the rest of the bra fits on the body.

Check The Cups: The bra cup must be big enough to cover the entire shape of the breast. There shouldn’t be a space unfilled, and no breast tissue must project out of the cup. If the breast tends to fall out from the bra, the bra cup is of the wrong size. There isn’t a standard cup size for every woman, so the right one should fully enclose the shape of the breast without gaping.

Check The Wires: Another essential factor to consider when determining the bra size is the wires. Wires are the ones that determine the width of the cups and how they should sit on a woman’s body. Correctly fitted bras have wires that sit well and tight against the body, flat middle on the chest. They should be fitting the chest below the arms and not on the breasts.

Check The Straps: Many women have complained about the wrong bra measurements leading to straps falling or sliding off when wearing them. This stems from the misconception that it is the straps that hold the weight of the breasts. As mentioned before, the back band holds most of the weight, which means the strap’s job is to keep the bra in place. If there is too much weight, the straps can fall off, which is also a sign of improper fit. The straps should be tight enough to hardly fit two fingers through, an indication of good fit.

Although shape extension isn’t a common thing due to lack of proper measurement techniques, most improper fit arises from the shops having limited stock.

Various other factors need to be considered when choosing the right bra size, and this includes body type, skin type, the space between breasts and their protrusion.

However, considering all these things, the right fit can be comfortable during wear, and there’s no need to fumble now and then keep the bra back in place! Using the right bra size calculator can help individuals find their correct size and find the right type that fits.

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