Ukraine sets domestic record for daily COVID-19 vaccinations

Ukraine, which has maintained lockdown restrictions though the number of new COVID-19 infections has fallen, has set a record for the daily number of coronavirus inoculations, the health ministry said on Thursday.

The ministry said 76,538 Ukrainians were vaccinated on Wednesday. That compared with the previous record of 73,376 shots on April 29.

The government has said the country is set to receive around 40 million doses of vaccines from various makers, and that 1,594,083 people have had their first shot as of June 16.

On Wednesday, the government extended COVID-19 lockdown measures until Aug. 31, but eased some restrictions.

Ukraine, which has a population of 41 million, has been among the most-affected European countries, with around 2.23 million COVID-19 cases and 51,902 deaths as of June 17.

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