Trauma cannot be verbalized

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Trauma is the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope which causes feelings of helplessness, diminishes their sense of self and their ability to feel a full range of emotions and experiences. A traumatic condition arises when a person looses something he cannot replace or witnesses terrible event like an accident, rape or any natural disaster. It is just a natural mechanism of your body that tries to cope up with that loss or with that terrible past emotionally. 

A person going through a traumatic condition or feeling anxious or even facing depression in his life cannot verbalize these emotions. Verbalizing these hard emotions become quite unrealistic for any person. Try to imagine, someone who has some harsh memories of past that he had experienced in his life now those memories are hitting him hard in present and you want him to recall those memories give them some word and verbalize them to you, don’t you think verbalizing of such emotions is bit an impossible task?

Person going through these mental state lives both in present and past simultaneously. Where even he don’t know what can trigger his fractured mind any small event bad or even good memories can trigger his state of mind. 

Your body behaves in a way that once it is attached to something whether it is some materialistic thing or any person, don’t want to lose it. This attachment is the root main cause in most cases. This state of mind also makes you violent sometimes, thoughts of harming someone or suicidal thoughts become very common. You just keep looking for a reason to make your life worth living and even if you get something you can be happy about, but any small memory or any small good or Bad thing can trigger that happy state of yours and take you back where you feel weak, helpless, a state where you were crushing between your past and present.

A person dealing with this mental state cannot control his emotions and in such case often takes help of chaos, often indulge himself in actions that may not look healthy to the world but pleasures him, like; hurting himself, want to be alone with himself, etc. 

Now just try to understand this; these thoughts of suicide or thoughts of hurting someone or even hurting himself is something no one want to verbalize.

There is an internal overpowering thoughts going in a person’s mind that breaks him from toe to his head. A  persons mind is captured by a thought that these things makes a man look weak and no one want to be with a weak person. So in order to just look very healthy and strong to this material world and people around him, he choose a path where he pretend to be very strong for the world outside but these past memories and thoughts do something similar to him what termites do to a healthy wood log. Eating him from inside, thus making him more emotionally weak.  

People often don’t accept that they are struggling with some mental health issue or they need help and in this all game of pretending strong, there comes a point in their life where they get just exhausted with their life and bearing this all becomes just impossible and this breaking point leads to many possibilities and all are just disastrous to one’s life. This breaking point beings out his real emotions where he cry, scream, accept himself weak and finally comes into the same mental state where he was and this cycle keeps on repeating. 

He wants to get out of this pain this cycle of stress and his exhausted life but he is all alone. 

People can ask him what is he going through or how is he feeling, can show some sympathy but trust me that is not something he want or something that is going to help him.

This all was just to explain you that “Trauma cannot be verbalized”

NOTE: I am not a mental health expert or a professional but wrote this with my real life experience.

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