Top Secrets of Persistent Motivation


Staying motivated is a grave problem for many; what seems a bright and appealing idea often vanishes as time goes by. Your energy and enthusiasm deteriorate, and you seem not as committed to the project as you used to be a day (week, month) ago. In such conditions, finalizing things seems to be an impossible challenge. So what can you do in such conditions to fuel your motivation until the happy end of the task/project/activity? Here is a brief survival guide prepared by Assignment Partner –  assignment service with experience in managing lengthy, complex projects. 

Do What You Like 

Many people experience problems with motivation because they are not entirely true to themselves when setting their goals and priorities. On the one hand, the goal may seem appealing and motivational. On the other hand, it may not be your goal. If you get stuck in the middle of preparing for college admission, maybe the department you apply to is not what you want? Or, if you don’t feel like struggling for a new position in your company, maybe it’s your spouse’s ambition for promotion, not yours? 

To get to the root causes of low motivation, you need to dig deeper into your desires and ambitions. Be sure to pursue your dreams and goals, the ones coming straight from your heart. In this way, you can always remind yourself that it’s what you wanted and dreamt about. With such ideas in mind, you’ll quickly revive your energy and motivation to continue. 

Monitor Your Progress 

We’re all procrastinators to some extent. So, without external control, we often let ourselves go and delay some tasks to eternity. But the secret of motivation is to set clear goals together with rigid deadlines. Only by organizing yourself, you’ll have some guidelines for measuring the progress and determining whether you’re failing or succeeding in the pursuit of your dream. 

Progress monitoring is generally a magical tool for boosting one’s performance. Just recollect how well you work on the task if you’ve been assigned it by the boss, with a clear deadline and clear penalties for its violation. But when setting some personal goals and giving yourself endless time for their completion, most people never end up taking those steps. Be your own boss; treat the deadlines you set for yourself as instruction from your tutor, parent, or coordinator. In such a case, you’ll feel obliged to comply with the timing and get everything done. 

Reward Yourself for Successes 

Many of us envision motivated people as those who never sleep, eat, or rest while restlessly moving to their goal. But the reality is entirely different. Nobody can stay productive and energetic forever, and to have sufficient energy, you need to have proper rest. Once you relax and unwind, your brain and body will resume working on the same task much better. Thus, people who refuse breaks for the sake of ending the task quicker are usually mistaken, draining their bodies to a maximum and still completing the task later than others. High-quality relaxation is also critical for motivation, as having some joyful time with family or friends gives you more positivity and energy to go on. 

Don’t Ignore Burnout 

Staying motivated to complete some task is a beautiful quality. Yet, it often makes you deaf to the needs of your body. Working for many days from dawn to dusk, having no proper sleep, eating some snacks on the way, and being in a state of chronic stress cannot go unnoticed for your health. While you consider it a temporary limitation, your body may fall seriously ill due to overstretching yourself. So, people with hectic schedules often experience debilitating burnout, sleep and eating disorders, depression, and even develop ulcers. Don’t take those risks, as your body needs to be taken care of. Listen to its needs, and if it cries out to you that it needs some quality food and eight hours of regular sleep, indulge yourself with such a pause from time to time. Your body will gratefully pay it off with better productivity, creativity, energy, and motivation. 

Find Inspiration

At times we fall into despair when losing our motivation, with no drivers to continue the movement to our goals. But finding some inspirational people or stories can be a real saver for those giving up on their plans too quickly. Find such people in your community or take some celebrities as an example. Study their life stories, learn their secret of success, ask them about their motivational hacks, and follow the same principles. Following an inspirational leader may become a greater motivational boost whenever you need it. 

Ask for Help 

Finally, take into account that you can’t walk the entire way to success alone. At times, you’ll feel too tired and exhausted to go on, and at these periods, it’s critical to find helpers. If you’re stuck with academic assignments and have no time for your business startup, don’t give up on your dream. Order assignments from professionals to close the academic gaps while saving some free time for business development. Ask peers for help and unite with some fellow thinkers to pursue a common goal. Turn to your tutor for advice and clarification. 

Motivation is a tricky feature, disappearing right at the time you need it the most. But keep putting one foot in front of the other. Everything is possible if you have a goal and find resources to pursue it. 

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