The Ultimate South America Road Trip

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South America is one of the most enchanting continents and there is no other better way of experiencing this place than via a road trip. By going on the road, adventurers can explore outstanding sights at an enjoyable pace while also having the time to appreciate all the cultural and geographical differences. The following are the best routes of South America. 

The Trans-Amazonian Highway, Brazil

Established in the 1970s, this highway provides extremely easy access to the mighty Amazon and helps to connect the far-flung provinces of Brazil. It is an extensive road with specific parts being most interesting for the visitors. Environmentalists are not very amused by the highway, but you will be amazed by the projects they have initiated. These include the Humaita National Forest, Balata-Tufari National Forest, and Mapinguari National Park. 

Route 10, Uruguay

The trip between the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo and the surfing paradise city of Punto del Diablo is one of the most adrenalin-pumping parts of the voyage – it lasts for a thrilling eight hours. If you love the beaches, this is the area for you especially during the summer period lasting from December to February. This route will navigate around well-known oceanside settlements and there is even a detour alternative with a vehicle-carrying barge to Laguna Garzon and Route 9 to the hippie city of Punto del Diablo. There is another choice of driving from Punta del Este to Punte del Diablo. 

Seven Lakes, Argentina

This route in Argentina is not the most dangerous section of the trip but it is surely one of the most attractive with so many naturally beautiful places across the mountains of Patagonia. The most ideal period to enjoy this place will be during summer and spring. 

The Death Road, Bolivia

If you are a lover of adventure, the Death Road in Bolivia is surely for you. This is particularly true of those who love traveling by bike. Even though it is called the Death Road, it is a lovely stretch full of exciting stops. The road is well above 10,000 feet and it plunges into the tropical rainforest below before ending at the Bolivian city of Coroico perched at about five thousand feet below. It was once regarded as the most dangerous stretch of road in the world but reconstruction by the government has made it safer. 

Galapagos, Ecuador

Well, this does not mean that you are going directly to the Galapagos Islands, but you are going to be close. This trip starts from the Ecuadorian city of Quito and following the route will take you past some very volcanic regions (like Mount Cotopaxi which is an active volcano) until you get to Guayaquil. You can fly from Guayaquil to the Galapagos. You will surely pass by many little towns in Ecuador, and you will be amazed at the local native traditions and cultural practices. June to August is the busiest time of the year alongside the middle of December to the middle of January. 

Austral, Chile

This is the best for those who are not interested in a chilly adventure in South America. But it is the place for those interested in rugged trips on dusty roads. You will have to rent a car to make the best of it. The Austral is the only highway that links the upper and lower regions of Chile. You will see the fresh mountain streams, national parks, rivers, forests, and a lot more. 

Route 40, Argentina

This is often compared with Route 66 of the United States. This is a highway that slices through all the Argentinian nation. Hence, it is ideal for those who are interested in experiencing the geographical diversity of this country. It has a lot to offer weird mountains, towering ranges, destructive glaciers, and even dinosaur remains. 

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