The Ultimate Kigali Travel Guide

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Traversing numerous ridges and valleys, Kigali, with its lush hillsides, winding boulevards, flowering trees, and bustling streets, is arguably one of Africa’s most attractive capital cities. The center of commercial and political life, Kigali governs Rwanda. 

As a comfortable, clean, and ordered town, Kigali is very famous with long term expats, and the town is teeming with westerners, from church or NGO volunteers having their first adventure to Africa to career development workers savoring a relaxed lifestyle where it is safe to bring up young kids. 

Ler’s explore Kigali and top things to do, and place to explore in our today’s travel guide.

How to reach Kigali?

Dinky Kigali International is a charming airport – organized and small; it is rare to confront any problems. Remember that plastic bags are banned in Rwanda, so please pack using a separate material. Also, while leaving the Kigali airport, keep in mind the need for a critical Yellow Fever Certificate at your destination – Airport officials mostly ask for this. 

Top Attractions in Kigali

Kigali Genocide Memorial

In 100 days, around one million moderate Hutus and Tutsis were orderly butchered by the Interahamwe militia. This memorial honors the 250,000 people buried here in mass graves and has a detailed exhibition explaining how the world saw the 1994 CE genocide unfold. This is a moving and intensely powerful memorial for which you should devote at least half a day. The memorial ends with segments on the search for justice through the foreign tribunal in Arusha and the local Gacaca courts (tribunals headed by community elders). It is situated in the north Kisozi district of the capital, a short moto-taxi ride from the center.

Museum of Natural History

Kigali’s lovely museum exhibits Rwanda’s mystical natural wonders and is housed in the 1907 CE residence of traveler Richard Kandt, reputed to be the first modern construction in Kigali. The landscape from the garden is spectacular and, looking over the urban sprawl, it’s hard to picture that it all started with this relatively modest home. 

Inema Arts Center

Opened in 2012 CE, the Inema Arts Center comprises ten resident artists and guests. It’s soon placed itself as the leading modern art gallery in Kigali. As well as sculptures, paintings, and contemporary takes on ancient crafts, there are music and dance performances many days a week and also some brilliant courses. Much of the art is for sale (and can be internationally shipped), but if you’re not purchasing, you’re welcome to admire it. There’s a tiny on-site cafe.

Top Things to do in Kigali:

  • Explore Crafts: Take a trip to a famed craft center, like the Dancing Pots Craft Centre or the Cards for Africa workshop and salesroom in Kigali. It is an unforgettable experience. 
  • Unwind at welling center: Zenora Wellness Center is an excellent place to rest and get beauty treatments. Here you can get manicures, massages and pedicures, make-up, waxing, and facials. 
  • Ten-pin bowling: Enjoy bowling with six lanes of ball-rolling fury furnished with the TV screen-keeping score, shoe rental, ball returners, and slidy, polished alleys. 

What to eat in Kigali?

Kigali is an incredible town in which to dine. A blend of Belgian culinary influence, plenty of freshwater fish, plenty of cows, and lots of fresh vegetables equates to some of the best eating in the area. And it’s all affordable. Babas Cafe, Chez Robert, and La Classe are the best places to explore in the City Center. You can find Mongolian BBQ, African Buffet, and Chinese Food at Kigali Serena’s Milima and Sokoni restaurants. If you want a splendid ambiance with good food, visit Zen. With trickling water and crafty lighting, few places in town can compete atmosphere-wise. Visit Khana Khazana if you love Indian meals. It serves excellent Indian food and is the most popular and one of the best restaurants in town with visitors, expats, business travelers, and locals too.

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