The ultimate goal of Science we forgot about

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Science is something that has greatly shaped 21st century, from your mobile phone to a giant spacecraft or a space station everything came out of womb of science. We are progressing every day, finding new possibilities and new technologies. But we have forgotten or never thought about, what these scientific studies are all for, this is something we are going to have a deep dive about in this very article.

When we talk of Science, Machines are something that jumps into our minds. All the science of universe that we are discovering today will finally be used by our engineers to build machines based on those theories or laws, which we had build to understand universe. Therefore, we can say for us machine building is the final output or ultimate aim of building theories or mathematics. Then what do we need those theories for after a Machine is build? 

Today science and scientific studies are somewhere we could have not imagined 100 years back. But with this all advancement, I think we had never tried to figure out the real goal of our scientific knowledge. Is it all to make use of the world around us? In these past few years, don’t you think we have build weapons, more than those technologies we should have build to support human life? For us weapon building has become an important part of modern science advancement.

Let’s understand this better with Sir Albert Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2.  This equation for the very first time connected the mass of an object with its energy and heralded a new world of physics. At one level, the equation is devastatingly simple. It says that the energy (E) in a system (an atom, a person, etc) is equal to its total mass (m) multiplied by the square of the speed of light (c, equal to 186,000 miles per second).  In Einstein’s new world, mass became a way to measure the total energy present in an object, even when it was not being heated, moved or radiated. Mass is just a super-concentrated form of energy and, moreover, these things can turn from one form to the other and back again. Nuclear power stations exploit this idea inside their reactors where subatomic particles, called neutrons, are fired at the nuclei of uranium atoms, which cause the uranium to split into smaller atoms. The process of fission releases energy and further neutrons that can go on to split more uranium atoms. If you made very precise measurements of all the particles before and after the process, you would find that the total mass of the latter was very slightly smaller than the former, a difference known as the “mass defect”. That missing matter has been converted to energy and you can calculate how much using Einstein’s equation.

 Despite the tiny discrepancy in mass between the uranium atom and its products, the amount of energy released is big and the reason why is obvious when you look at the c² term in the equation – the speed of light is a huge number by itself and its square is therefore enormous. There is a lot of energy condensed into matter — 1kg of “stuff” contains around 9 x 10^16 joules, if you could somehow transform all of it into energy. That is the equivalent of more than 40 megatons of TNT. More practically, it is the amount of energy big enough to run 10 million homes for at least three years.

The fame of this equation is mostly because of its association with one of the most devastating weapons produced by humans – The atomic bomb. The equation appeared in the report, prepared for the US government by physicist Henry DeWolf Smyth in 1945, on the Allied efforts to make an atomic bomb during the Manhattan project. The result of that project led to the death of thousands of Japanese citizens in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Now here, this equation could have been used to build something that could help us to produce energy which can run millions of homes on this planet but as expected from a human brain, we used this science and indulge our intelligence to build something that could end whole human race on this planet.

So, does it mean that machine building is not healthy? What I want to conclude here is that machines should be build keeping nature in our mind. A machine that you are building today should not harm your own planet and the creatures around you in any small way. It should be 100% nature friendly as if it is part of nature. This is something what we call Sustainable Development; it is the need of hour. 

So, this is something we have forgotten; to respect our planet and creatures around us, to respect Universe, to respect Science.

The goal of Science and scientific studies should not merely be to make use of the world around us; it should be to understand it (Universe) fundamentally and understand how Ishwar (that supreme energy) Build and manages our vast universe and other existing multiverses.

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