The rule of Possibilities and pre-decided fate

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Is everything pre-decided? Or is it just us, who decides what is to be done? If it is us than why and how we select a particular action that we do, is it possible to do all the possible action at the same time? And above this all when we do something or involve in a particular action we always select a very specific way of all possibilities to perform that action. So is that really we who select that particular possibility? It is similar to rolling an dice, we actually don’t know what are we gonna obtain all of sudden a number comes, so who decides or order the dice to bring a particular number, what all factors are responsible for obtaining that particular number? Can we obtain a number that we wish for? 

This above paragraph is full of some interesting question, let me make it easy for you to understand and then here we will try to find a possible answer for them all.

How fate of every event happening in this universe is is decided? And as we know everything has a fate from a smallest atom to the largest galaxy and since we are a small part of it. When a baby is born he has a fate that one day he gonna die it is the ultimate fate of that cute baby and the baby achieves that fate one day and do great thing in his lifetime and with this entire doings he dies one day. Ultimately he has to die no matter what path he chooses whether he makes it through a natural death or by an car accident, ultimate goal or fate of his life is death and since his ultimate fate is already decided that he gonna die one day, But what path is still unclear that how and when he gonna die. Is this fate of his life path also decided as similar to the decision of his ultimate fate of death? This is what I want to question, do all our decisions, actions, paths fate are pre decided? As we know everything is interconnected our fate is decided by our past doings but at what extent? For a moment let’s consider all our fate is pre-decided by our past doings, what we are doing now will decide our future than what decides our present doings or actions, I know you will say the past doings and then the question arises what about a new born cute baby who just came into this world he just had cried as all babies do. What will decide his future in this case as he doesn’t have any past? 

Does that mean we just jump into a life and then start acting similar to other living creatures around us by seeing them and learning their habits, and finally attain our ultimate goal of life i.e. death. What all we do between this birth and death does not matter? 

Let’s try to visualize this with the help of an illustration;

Suppose you are on your way to your home and on a turn you see two path (Path A & Path B) Both will take you to your home and both the paths are equal in distance now you have two paths of equal distance to cover to get to your home, you can choose any one path to reach but which one, what is the deciding factor for the decision of the path you choose. Suppose you choose path A and reached home and while walking on that path you might have experienced some events which you might have not experienced on path B or may be if you might have choose path B you would have experienced something different than what you are experiencing on path B. Here, your starting point was same in both the cases and the destination was also same i.e., your home, what was different was your chosen path.

Here who decides to choose path A to reach home? Was it really you? Can we experience the events happening on both the paths at same time? Can we travel to our home through both the paths A & B at the same time? Similarly for our life can we attain our death experiencing all the possible events of our life? What changes do these events happening in our life brings to our ultimate fate i.e. death of this body?

Answering such questions is bit a difficult task so I have left it as an open discussion, let’s start a discussion of these question.

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